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Hunting Destinations Around The World

Deciding to pursue your hunting hobby further afield is a great way to incorporate a passion for travel. Hunting game animals varies significantly across the globe, so why not save up for a great big adventure and experience new cultures and ways of life around the world. They’ll be a lot of variations to get to grips with before and during your visit so get organized and plan everything in detail before you go. From different climates, terrains, rules and regulations, here’s a summary of what you’ll find in some of the most popular destinations on earth:

North America

You can partake in your hunting hobby right across the United States from America, from Alaska in the north to Texas in the south, it is a popular pastime amongst locals. Depending on which state you visit, there is a huge variety of game species around. Big game animals such as moose, elk and deer can be found in the expansive landscapes of Alaska. Florida’s warmer climate is home to a large number of small game species like wild hogs, rabbits and squirrels.

The majority of game is hunted in the winter, and there are many seasonal restrictions in place. You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate clothing and equipment for the colder temperatures here. Wrap up warm and take multiple layers made from think Merino Wool, it’s great for insulating body heat. Invest in some hand warmers and take a hot flask of coffee too.

South America

South America is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for hunting trips with plenty of variety available. Many game birds such as doves, waterfowl and pigeons have virtually no limits attached so you won’t need to worry about restrictions. Big game animals can be found throughout the continent as well.

Argentina is currently the biggest destination when it comes to hunting in South America, it’s wildly impressive landscapes draw visitors from far and wide and you can experience your hobby in some of the remotest landscapes on earth.


Hunting in Africa is a completely different kettle of fish altogether; it’s a unique landscape and culture that should be experienced first-hand if possible. You’ll need to book a local guide in advance who can navigate your group around the savannahs in a safe and secure manner. Head into the outback and camp out amongst the wildlife and stars, this country will be one to remember. It’s also a great opportunity to hunt in warmer weather.

Permits, licenses, regulations and the import of weapons vary hugely across the world but especially in Africa where many species are protected, and large conservation areas are protected. In order to plan a successful trip, hire a tour operator that can organize logistics for you. It will make life a lot easier when you’re there as well, and you’re not familiar with the local language, laws or currency.

Whichever continent you decide to visit to pursue your hunting hobby, it’s wonderful to be able to explore new terrains and make lasting memories to last a lifetime.

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