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Men’s Hair and Beard Care While on a Trip

It can be difficult for a guy to keep up with his day to day grooming routine while on the road. This is not to say that a man should end up looking homeless when they are on a trip. Below we share some simple yet effective hacks you can work with to take care of your beard and hair while traveling. 

Trim Your Hair 

It is important to trim your beard and hair anytime you travel, so that you always look sharp. It does not have to be a complicated process. You can get rid of the hairs that contribute to a rough look. This simply means that you should always carry a quality trimming tool like highlighted in that can help you out with grooming. This is one of the trimmers that comes highly recommended because you can use it on your hair and beard as well. 

Wash Your Beard and Hair 

Washing your hair is also essential when you are on the go. If possible, wash your hair and beard every day when taking a shower. When time is not available, doing it 2 or 3 times a week will also suffice. Be sure to use natural products that will not harm your hair. This is one of the ways to keep your hair and beard clean, so that it does not suffer from a build-up of excess oil, swear, and dirt, etc. This also keeps the hair smelling great. Products that you should incorporate in your wash days include shampoo and conditioner. Using beard balms and hair oil made from natural ingredients also helps to seal in moisture for that shiny, healthy look. Check out this site to get your customized beard growth kit to help you groom your beard perfectly. While drying your hair, avoid rubbing it roughly. Instead, pat it softly so that you do not rob the hair off its moisture. 

Go Easy on Combing 

While staying away from home, it is advisable to ease up on the combing. Most men will carry a pocket-sized comb for the hair because this seems like a natural way to keep the mane and beard in check. This is, however, counterproductive because it will give you the opposite results. The more you comb your hair the more you will be activating the sebaceous glands responsible for secreting oil in the scalp. In line with this, you should also resist the urge to run your hands in your hair all the time. Doing this makes the natural oil on your palm and fingers blend with the oil reserves on your scalp. 

Use Sunscreen 

This is one of the tips that might come as a surprise to many. You might think that you should only use sunscreen on your skin. This is not right because your hair also needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Too much heat is not good for the hair on your face or on top of the head. This is because it breaks down the hair cuticles, which results in dry and brittle hair. Although hair sunscreen is not the easiest product to find, it should not miss in your travel bag because it does a beautiful job protecting your hair. 

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Men should remember that the above tips will not work out well, if they are not taking care of their hair from the inside. Drinking enough water will keep your hair, beard, and skin hydrated inside out. Eating a balanced diet will also give your hair enough nutrients to grow healthy, stay strong and shiny. Examples of food that should be on your plate frequently include foods that are rich in essential fatty acids, protein, fruits, and vegetables.

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