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PDFBear: The Best Way To Convert Excel Files to PDF

When it comes to data analysis and visualization, spreadsheets with Excel are the one for that. However, there are times when sharing and viewing them can be a little bit of a hassle, especially to those who are not very familiar with how the software works. And so for viewing purposes, people in schools, offices, businesses, etc., share spreadsheets using the PDF file format.

The most common viewers have with Excel files is that the formulas, numbers, data, and everything else in the file might get affected if they do something that they are not supposed to. It is a stressful issue for both parts because data in Excel spreadsheets are most of the time very important. This is why people have switched to PDF because of its portability, accessibility, and convenience. In viewing data in the spreadsheets, you can scroll through the file smoothly and even zoom in and out with ease. It is also reliable because PDF files are uneditable, the file will display everything from content to its placement the same way it was saved. If you are thinking of sharing your Excel files, now is the best time to consider converting them!

Why Convert Excel to PDF?

PDF or Portable Document Format is a “read-only” document, which means that it is only for viewing purposes. Although these files can be interactive with the readers, they cannot make modifications to the file. What’s so great with PDF files is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere in whatever browsers or devices such as computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

This type of file format is also compressed files. Compared to the original files, they have a smaller file size while still keeping the highest quality. PDF files are easy to open, upload, download, share, and even print! If you are all for convenience, this one is the one!

PDF files can be usually accessed by anyone but some are password-protected. If your Excel file contains sensitive or private data and information, you can add an extra layer of security to your file by locking it with a password. With that, only authorized people can view the file. Amazing right! There are so many more reasons to love the PDF format, give it a try and convert your XLS to PDF today!

The Best Website To Convert Excel to PDF

Converting Excel files or any other files in general to PDF was not an option before. One is because it wasn’t a common format that people use and two, there are no tools available or that can be accessed by anyone. Most of them were not free of charge before.

However, the days have changed, and today almost everyone is using PDF files. PDF tools are also obtainable and open for service either online or in downloadable software. If you are looking for a website to convert your files, the best one is to go to web-based PDF tools. They are free and quick. The site will do most of the work for you and they don’t require anything from users except for the files that need to be processed.

The basic tools that most of the sites offer are related to file repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, PDF viewing, editing, and file conversion, including Excel files, Word, Powerpoint, etc. To work with the site, all you need is an internet connection and the file that you wish to convert. You can use the online tool to convert PDF to JPG here Among the wide selection of PDF-related sites, the most used and visited is PDFBear. They are best known for their quick and easy process. The site can be accessed with any device and browser like Windows, Mac, Linux, or other major operating systems. The basic tools are free and work well, but you can also explore more of their pro features for your PDF files by availing their membership plan. There is a 14-day free trial that you can use if you want to try it out. You can cancel the trial whenever. If you visit their site and test it out, you will be surprised by how easy, fast, and convenient everything is!

Steps to Convert Excel Files to PDF Online Using PDFBear

1.    Upload your Excel file.

Once you are on the site, click the Excel to PDF section to be directed to the toolbox. To start, you will have to upload the file to the server. Simply click the Select Files button, which you can find in the center of the page. Your device’s file library will pop out from that. Look for the file you want to convert, then select Open. Another option is to drag and drop the file into the toolbox. When your file is uploaded, it will be automatically processed by the site for it to proceed to conversion.

2.    Wait for the conversion to complete.

After the file is uploaded, analyzed, and processed by the server it will immediately start with its conversion from Excel to PDF. The waiting time would usually take a few seconds to a minute depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection. In this step, sit back and relax. The server will do all the work, and so all you have to do is wait until the PDF file is up and ready to be saved. You will be redirected to another page when it is done.

3.    Download or share the new PDF file.

Finally, in this step, you can already download and save the file to your device! You will see a Download button in the center part, and the newly converted PDF file will be saved right away after you click it. PDFBear also allows users to share their files with a few alternatives. They provide a generated link that you can copy and send to others which is very helpful if you are planning to share the file with multiple people. They will only have to click it, and then they can also save the file with PDFBear. Another one is to share and send the PDF file via e-mail by entering the needed contact information.


Who knew that converting Excel files to PDF is this easy? All it takes is three steps with the site doing all the work. And if you are worried about the security of your PDF file, you do not have to because rest assured PDFBear will delete the file in their server once the process is done and complete. Make work a whole lot stress and trouble-free by switching to using PDF files as well. You’ll not regret it!

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