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Planning A House Renovation? Here’s How To Protect Your Stuff

Find out the tips and tricks you need to protect your belongings during a time when they may be at risk from building works and house changes.

If you are planning a renovation in the near future of just one room, or perhaps the whole house, the chances are you will want to protect your things. Your belongings will be at risk from a wide variety of risk factors during a renovation including:

    • Dust
    • Debris
    • Paint
    • Builders and workmen accidental damage
    • Chemical exposure
    • Damp and mould
    • Damage from machinery and tools
    • Staining

Unfortunately, in order to make improvements a mess usually has to be made first, which is why your belongings need protecting from the above risks, and many more during renovation.

To help you keep your things in great shape, so they are ready to bring back once the house is finished, here are some professional storage tips to help you protect your stuff:

Remove It

One of the easiest ways to protect your things is to remove them. By using the garage of a friend or relative to store your things during renovation you can keep them safe from harm. For more security and flexibility with the space you use, you could look for some cheap self storage. Cheap self storage can be as small as a gym locker or as large as a football field so you can pick and choose the space you need, when you need it.

Cover It

For items like carpets and large furniture, which would be a struggle to move, you can use coverings. Dust sheets might be OK for minimal renovations, but for lots of dust and painting it is a better idea to use plastic sheeting, which is very cheap and easy to buy. Just be careful to properly secure it so that debris can’t get underneath.

Box It

It might be worth boxing your things temporarily whilst work is being done. Packaging it, boxing it and putting the box in a safe place is a good solution for small ornaments and other belongings that can be easily knocked over.

Create A Secure Room

Create a secure room in the home where everything can be stored and you can block the space under the door to stop dust getting in. If you have a spare room that is far from the work being done it could be a really great idea to pop everything in there whilst you renovate.

Check The Workmen Have Insurance

Workmen can sometimes accidentally damage things no matter how careful they are. It isn’t their home and their focus is on getting the work done. They usually have insurance to cover any accidental damage. Although nothing can replace family heirlooms (we suggest packing them away!) for things like mirrors, plant pots and other breakables, the builders should be insured to cover those kinds of minor damages.

Hopefully our tips above have inspired you to go that extra length to protect your things during your home improvements – remember if you can’t adequately protect them at home the safest thing to do is move them into a personal self storage unit.

By following our suggestions and by being cautious, your things will be in great condition to place back in the home after the work is done.

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