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Protecting Your Endpoints With 4 Simple Steps

Endpoint protection is becoming a real challenge for IT and security professionals, especially in a business environment. While protecting a server or a limited attack surface is usually straightforward, protecting the organization’s endpoints can be complex for a number of reasons.

Most organizations don’t really document the endpoints connected to their network. More importantly, attackers regularly target endpoints for their larger attack surface; after all, endpoints are less monitored compared to intranets and servers.

So, how can sufficient endpoint protection be established? There are four steps you can take to get started.

1. Encrypt All Data

The easiest way to get started with endpoint protection is by encrypting all data. Encryption immediately protects data against unauthorized access because it requires a valid encryption key to be present when the data is accessed. An inability to access the information makes breaching the network pointless.

Data encryption also forces more transparency within the network. When there is a need for a valid encryption key to be present, all endpoints are forced to download the valid encryption key periodically. That process can be used to get a better view of the organization and the devices that team members use.

2. Establish Security Policies

That transparency leads to our second step: the creation of strict security policies. When your organization allows members to bring their own devices, forcing those devices to meet certain requirements before they are granted access to a valid encryption key becomes the easiest way to establish security policies and enforce compliance.

You can also use the opportunity to fully document the devices connected to your network. Not only will you be able to establish and enforce data security policies, but you can do the same with BYOD policies as well.

3. Add Endpoint Protection

An endpoint security system is your best solution in this instance. Rather than relying solely on an antivirus software being capable enough – or having multiple hardware firewall and security suites running within the network – it is much simpler to rely on a holistic endpoint security system.

Endpoint security software suites work really well in this circumstance. You immediately overcome key challenges of securing your endpoints with only one security suite. Management of security measures is easier too.

4. Activate Detection and Prevention

Another good reason why an endpoint security suite is the best tool to use is that it does more than block attacks or minimize the damage. The best solutions integrate machine learning and advanced detection tools to enable endpoint detection and response.

What is endpoint detection and response exactly? As the name suggests, it is the process of detecting zero-hour attacks without relying on existing threat definitions. The use of machine learning certainly helps since it allows the endpoint security suite to respond to potential attacks before those attacks can have a real impact on your endpoints.

By completing these 4 steps, you have a more secure ecosystem and better control over endpoint security. You can continue refining endpoint security by adding extra security measures such as update and device policies, but taking the steps we covered in this article is how you make sure that your endpoints are no longer vulnerable.

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