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Purchasing Retractable Awnings: Things You Need To Know

Outdoor living space can greatly increase the appeal and the value of your home. Outdoor living spaces can be used for relaxation and entertainment purposes. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy some alone time with friends and family. But the direct sun can snatch all the fun away and you may find yourself running for cover.

Don’t fret! If you are looking for a shade solution, retractable awnings are an ideal option. With an awning installed, You can enjoy the outdoors even when it is too hot or raining. But before you invest in one you need to be familiar with the variety of options available. From material to cost, you need to consider all the details to make the perfect purchase.


Let’s start with the material. Retractable awnings are made of different materials and have certain distinctive features. For example, if you are looking for larger awnings polyester is the best choice because it keeps the awnings from sagging. If you want your awnings to stay vibrant, the canvas is an excellent option. It has the quality of holding the colors for a long period. They also come in waterproof vinyl that protects against UV rays.


Choose a color that will look good with the home’s exterior. This way, it will not only provide you comfort but also add aesthetic to your home. Fabrics of lighter colors like white are an easy option. White goes well with almost everything, it can also help reflect heat for better comfort. If you are looking for something more cheerful, choose reds. To achieve a cool, calm feel, greens and blues are an excellent option.

There are countless color combinations and patterns to choose from. Making the right choice may take a lot of time. But it also makes it easier to find the perfect color and pattern to suit your home.


Retractable awnings come in different sizes. The size depends on the amount of area you need to shade and the activities you will be doing.. You can only get the right size if you plan ahead. It is also recommended to leave some areas unshaded so that you can also enjoy the sun. Awnings can be of any width from 8 feet to even 25 feet.


Also, you should consider the general weather of the area you live in. If it rains heavily then a retractable awning might not be a good option for you. They need some time to dry out before you can retract them. If it continuously rains then it will only damage the awning.


Depending on the size and material used in the awning, the cost of it can range anything from $600 to several thousand for a high-quality unit that comes with warranties.


Retractable awnings are the most preferable shading solution. The variety of sizes and colors of awnings make the purchase not only easy but very exciting. They can be customized according to how you see fit. They’re a great way to make the most of your outdoor space without permanently altering it.

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