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The idea of packing a case, leaving a life behind, and traveling far away is both exciting and daunting at the same time. It is one of the biggest decisions anybody could make and is essentially life-changing. It gives you the chance to discover yourself and the world on an unparalleled level. But to pull off something of this degree, a fairly large amount of money is needed which could be dissuading at first but is not unattainable. There are ways to go about sourcing funds for a solo trip.


This is the first step to take when planning a solo trip. You will need to know exactly how much you will need for the trip or a rough estimate of the amount involved. You will factor in the cost of traveling, accommodations and other expenditures along the way. You will also need to analyze your current expenditures and figure out where you can generate funds to save for your trip. Cutting down on spending and increasing saving habits will take you a step closer to realizing your dream. Making minute adjustments like switching to cheaper utility companies, reducing subscriptions or cutting back on regular treats will go a long way in helping you save for your trip.


Another way to source funds for the trip is through sales of your old belongings. You could do away with that old TV or radio you packed away, your old phones or any other gadgets you are no longer using. Most people have a lot of clothes they are no longer wearing and what with clothes’ sales trending these days you could stand to make a lot of money from selling those clothes.

You could also step up your game and sell on a larger scale although it is something you need to think through thoroughly before embarking on. These are very tough decisions to take but when you think of the result at the end, when you imagine yourself far away from home and the days to come when you will smile because it happened after so much sacrifice you will have the strength to make the right choices. If your mind is set on traveling and it is for a long period you can consider selling your car or your house. You stand to make a huge sum from these sales which would make a big difference in your travel funds. If you are in a hurry to travel and you want to sell your house, it is advisable to go through some quick-sale company that buys properties for instant cash instead of going through the standard arduous house sale process.


It will be easy to get frustrated with the process of saving, planning and managing for your trip. You could find yourself doing things outside your comfort zone and relinquishing habits or desires you are familiar with to take you closer to your goal. But if your heart is set on solo traveling you will never waver because taking it to be the most important thing will make all these other things pale in comparison.

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