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Some Essential Tips For Creating A Professional Four Color Letterhead

Written by Jimmy Rustling

A printed letter is your vehicle to the minds of the prospective employer and the clients if you are looking to start a new business or extending the network of clients and collaborators. You can instantly hook someone’s attention if you send a letter in a letterhead. A letter carries a lot more weight than an email as it exhibits the efforts that went into creating the design and print. A 4 color letterhead is pretty self-explanatory in that manner.

When you are contacting a design agency or potential new client, a well-designed four color letterhead is your full proof weapon to impress them to bits. In the same manner, as you would design your resume or portfolio with extra care, a four color letterhead needs equal attention to come off stronger.

However, it always requires a lot of brainstorming to come up with a fitting design, but there are many designers out there to help you with this. You can leverage their creative prowess to design the perfect letterhead which will speak volume.

If you can’t figure out where to begin, this article can help you. Read on below to know some basic tips to create a professional four color letterhead which will establish yourself as a genius before your potential clients:

Get your basics right:

A letterhead should always clearly project your objective. The world has no dearth of creative people, so making your mark is a little tough. If you want to create your distinct identity in that crowd, a good four color letterhead is one way to go. Even a blank page can be incredibly impressive and engaging if the design is unique and remarkable. Take a moment to chalk out a suitable plan to take your design to the highest standard.

Use the right software:

To begin with, make sure that you are using the best software to pull off the task. Word or pages work well with an extra simple layout, but you will face limitations when it comes to using graphics or an unconventional text layout. You can try your hands on a program that is specially customized to create more flexible publishing layouts. Not only will this help you create your design more professionally, but also create an indelible impression on the client.

The most credible software to achieve the most exceptional design outcome is Adobe InDesign, which is widely trusted for creating revolutionary letterhead layouts. Then there is Quark XPress to take your designing experience to another level.

You can also use the software called Illustrator in case you are seeking to do a single-page layout. Then some people vouch for Photoshop whenever they contemplate designing. If you too are one of them, remember to set up your canvas to 300 DPI to dodge blurring or pixelation when you are printing the final design.  The bottom line is, whatever you do, be extremely confident and use the right tools so that it reflects in your design.

Always use a beautiful border:

The printing technology has been clocking phenomenal growth over the years, and you can avail the most high-quality designs now at most affordable prices. Ideally, you should not limit yourself to a monochromatic layout and keep exploring instead.

If you use your creativity sparingly, you will be able to introduce a multitude of colors in your design without distracting from the sole concept. Whatever you do, make sure to add a suitable border to your design to put things together. Giving a good border to your text gives it an edgy feeling and draws the reader’s attention to the text.

Use geometric background graphics:

Geometric graphics should be your go-to, to rev up the X-factor of your letterhead. When you are incorporating geometric prints in your letterhead, it is sure to grab eyeballs.

Geometric prints are by far the boldest trend ever introduced, and they look downright stylish. You can also use gradient colours to create a 3D look. Then there are repetitive triangle shapes which help create a logo-like design that is trending this season. You can also create your distinguished design which can be extended to other stationery such as business cards and envelopes.

You can never go wrong with adding a creative touch to your otherwise monotonous corporate settlements. Seek the help of professional designers to make your design worth remembering.

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