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Some of the Most Lucrative Online Jobs that Need No Experience

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Not all freelancers who seek to work online are looking for long-term working solutions. The majority of these freelancers are simply looking for relatively uncomplicated work options that can earn them some money.

These job options are, particularly, encouraged if the freelancer lacks the requisite resources to start, operate and sustain a business. With these online jobs, one can earn some money, save and possibly be able to start a business, if they wish to.

The process of applying for these online jobs is straightforward and uncomplicated with very little requirements for the applying candidates. Some of these job opportunities, especially the micro-jobs; applicants, could get immediate approval and start earning immediately after applying. This is not to mention that these jobs do not need too much commitment like the rest and can be completed on the worker’s work schedule.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are small, typically online-based, tasks for which workers receive small payments. These tasks are completed by approved workers who log in to the respective company’s websites and select the tasks that they want to complete. These tasks have varying levels of difficulty.

Some could be as easy as clicking on some link while others could require workers to log in to another website and review it. Since the fee paid for completing each of these tasks is minimal, but the assignments are innumerable, the best strategy to handle these jobs is by completing as many as possible.

Working as an Online Juror

When attorneys are preparing for a trial, they often assemble a mock jury to obtain feedback from people who share similarities with the final jury members. Since doing this in person in a community is quite expensive and tedious, the best option is to recruit online jurors to mirror the real jury. As an online juror, one may be required to:

  • Listen to some audio clips;
  • Watch some video footage;
  • Learn some material.

Because the majority of online companies hiring jurors do not need many of them, applying for numerous companies increases the chances of being selected to be part of a jury.

Data Entry

Data entry is an increasingly growing field and freelance work opportunity. With the advancement in technology, it has become much easier for organizations to hire freelancers to work on different data entry projects.

Hired data entry workers can access the organization’s infrastructure or make use of crowdsourcing technology. Data entry includes various fields, and some projects entail basic transcription. Nevertheless, most advanced transcription projects require advanced skills and more experience than basic data entry.

Application or Website Testing

This online work opportunity is perfect for individuals with opinions or ideas on how the web can be improved. User testers take up tasks whereby they review mobile applications or websites that have just been developed or are still being developed before they are rolled out to the market. These tasks do not even require the testers to be extremely knowledgeable about the internet since the developers value even the opinion of beginners.

User testers are usually asked to perform these tests based on their demography, that is, the tests are based on factors such as the age, social media usage, their knowledge of the web, and education. Afterwards, they are assigned with tasks such as signing up on a website and then offering their opinions on the user-friendliness of that web or how it can be improved.

Working as a Search Engine Evaluator

Working as a search engine evaluator requires a little more experience than the rest of the work-at-home opportunities on this list. As such, this opportunity pays much better compared to other online jobs. A search engine evaluator examines search results on the Internet and then offers feedback on their relevancy and accuracy.

To effectively handle search engine evaluation tasks, evaluators are required to have knowledge about the present culture of Internet usage and have impeccable communication skills. In some instances, evaluators are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, but the requirement of direct search engine evaluation experience is rarely required.

Working as an Online Custom Paper Writer

Currently, it is not uncommon to come across students seeking comprehensive assignment help. Most students, especially college students, are usually overwhelmed with the requirement to write numerous papers to succeed academically. This is not to mention the fact that some of these students have to work part-time to earn a living.

This leaves them with little to no time to handle their school work. Therefore, they opt to seek for an online essay writer to help them complete their work. Work as an essay writer was unheard of ten years ago. However, today, the custom essay writing industry has grown rapidly, and it continues to conquer popularity among the students.

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