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The Types of Heating Systems That Can Be Safely Installed in Your House

Written by Jimmy Rustling

A house that has a heating system is advantageous nowadays for health and safety purposes. Be it for a hot shower, a furnace or a boiler to produce the needed heat in cold and chilling weather is essential. Getting your house setup with a heating system should be a priority, especially now that climate change has resulted in unprecedented highs and lows in temperature during the summer and winter seasons. Keeping the temperature set in the right range all year round is beneficial, and this can be done in numerous ways.

Furnaces for central heating

A type of heating system is the furnace, which is placed in an enclosed structure and works by blasting heated air via channels that bring warm air into the entire room with the use of grills or air ducts. A furnace is powered by natural gas, electricity, or oil that is mixed with the air and then burned.


Another form of heating system, known as a water heater or boiler is a system responsible for the distribution of heat using hot water as it passes through radiators or other heating devices in a house, and then the water returns to the boiler for reheating. A boiler is also called a hydronic system and uses natural gas or heating oil for fuel.

Heat pumps

Two-way air conditioners that work by producing hot or cold air depending on the temperature are known as heat pumps. With the use of forced delivery systems using warm air, heat pumps enable the heated air to move all through the house. Heat pumps have two sources: the heat pumps using air force, which can be placed outside to gather air as a heat source during winter or sink hot air during summer; or the ground-source heat pump which gets heat from underground where temperatures are more stable all year round.

Electric space heaters

Movable electric space heaters are easy to use and provide a home with the heat from oil-filled or quartz-infrared heaters. The electricity supplied to these space heaters is converted into heat, just like toasters or flat irons work. Although this equipment is affordable to buy, it is costly to use because it will need high electricity consumption to serve its purpose efficiently. But for limited use, this heating system can be used to provide heating inside the house.

State-of-the-art heating

Apart from the conventional and traditional ways of heating a house, there are now also state-of-the-art heating systems. Examples of these are radiant floor heating which is positioned under the floor and circulates warm water with the use of tubes; and the ductless, mini-split or multi-split heating system that dispenses energy through refrigerant lines instead of the usual water or air means.

Aside from choosing the most suitable heating system for your home, it is also better to get the professional maintenance services of gas or commercial catering engineers, especially if you prefer the use of the gas-operated heating systems.

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