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Things You Need to Know About Anxiety and How to Overcome This Feeling

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Do you ever find yourself nervous all the time? Do you have a hard time sleeping every night because you cannot stop worrying about many things? Do you often feel scared even for no apparent reason? There is a possibility that you are experiencing anxiety, which is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. You can check out visit website resources that specialize in professional counselling and further helping patients with mental health issues lead better and healthy lives.

Anxiety defined

Many people have gone through anxiety several times in their lives. This can be caused by certain situations that can trigger nervousness like applying for a new job, taking a difficult examination or meeting the family of your fiancé for the first time.

There are several types of anxiety. Some of them can have positive effects on your brain because it challenges you to think out of the box and rise above the situation. It gives us fast-acting reflexes, and it makes our brain react efficiently.

There are also types of anxiety which can adversely affect our lives. These are negative thoughts that linger in our minds, and you cannot seem to do anything about them. These types of anxiety can cause severe phobias and long term problems in the future.

How does a person suffering from anxiety commonly feel?

  • Constantly feeling distressed; therefore, you do not get to enjoy and live life the way you want to.
  • Anxiety causes you to feel pessimistic about almost everything. You often think about the worst-case scenario.
  • Anxiety can come and go. It is unpredictable in many ways. Today you can feel happy and excited. Tomorrow something might trigger your anxiety, and you start feeling sad and nervous.

Usual signs and symptoms of anxiety that everyone should be aware of:

Some people may have been experiencing anxiety for the past few years. They are unable to determine the common signs and symptoms at an early stage. Here are some of the usual signs of anxiety.

  • Fear of the known and unknown
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Breaking out in hot and cold sweats
  • Palpitations and chest pains especially during crucial situations
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Unable to get proper sleep

If you happen to know someone who is going through anxiety attacks, you can do something to help. Here are some activities that you can do together to make them feel better.

  • Encourage the person to engage in any kind of physical activity like sports, exercise, or walking to enhance their mood.
  • You can enroll in yoga classes together. Studies say that yoga can help a person relax and destress. Doing yoga three times a week can improve anxiety.
  • Address the root cause of the anxiety by seeing a mental health professional. A counsellor or therapist can give a full evaluation of the issue as well as recommend the best treatment plan.

Living with anxiety is never easy. You must have a deeper understanding of the issue before offering to help to avoid offending someone who has anxiety.


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