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Top Tips For Successful Summer Sports Equipment Storage

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Find out how to store summer sports equipment successfully with some top tips that are easy to apply.

Storing summer sports equipment properly helps to minimise the space it takes up in your home, and protect the equipment against damage. Some summer sports equipment can be really expensive so it makes sense to do everything you can to protect it.

To help you keep your summer sports equipment in great shape, here are some top tips to follow:

Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters & Other Wheeled Accessories

With your bicycle, it is a good idea to place it onto a bike rack that elevates it away from the floor. This helps the weight stay off the tyres, avoiding tyre bend. It also makes sense to clean the bike before you place it into self-storage, and make sure it is totally dry.

With other wheeled items like skateboards and scooters you should also clean them thoroughly and seek to hang them securely. Again, they should be dry before they are stored.

Balls & Other Non-Stackables

For items that aren’t stackable like balls and sports toys, it is a good idea to clean them before you store them. If any are broken or deflated, throw them away rather than storing them and wasting space.

To store them effectively, nets are very useful if you can hang them up. Alternatively, large plastic bins can hold odd-shaped accessories well.

Golf Equipment

Golf clubs do not do well in very hot environments like the back of a car. Ideally, you will keep them in a climate controlled self storage unit, or in the house at room temperature. Before you place them in storage do wipe them down and dry them off. It is also important to keep them away from humidity as that can cause rust and the eventual breakdown of the club.

Camping Gear

Camping gear is so bulky, especially if you go on your travels often and you have a comprehensive selection of equipment. It is helpful to store it in the garage or a cheap self storage unit where it can be secured until it’s time to camp again. Cheap self storage units ( can be handy to store other bulky summer equipment like tables and chairs, freeing up space in your garage and home for better functionality.

When you store camping gear, try to give it a good clean and airing out before you pack it away. Ideally, it should also be well organised so that it is easy to throw in the car when it is time for the next adventure.

Tennis Rackets

If you’re partial to tennis in the summer it is a great idea to care for your rackets well so that they stay in shape until the next match. To keep your tennis rackets in shape:

  • Never store your rackets in a car, high temperatures can warp the frame and cause the strings to loosen
  • Do not store your racket in the shed as freezing temperatures affect the strings
  • Wipe the strings and body down then dry the whole thing, before placing it in a racket holder
  • Consider storing your racket in cheap self storage which has climate control, especially in long-term storage scenarios

Storing summer sports equipment can take some effort, but it is worthwhile in order to keep these expensive possessions in great condition until the weather brightens up again.

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