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UK Residential Elevator Company Stiltz Home Lifts Expands US Headquarters

Although the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted business growth in virtually every industry, residential elevator company Stiltz has reported on its website that it is fortunate enough to be expanding its US headquarters. The UK-based company has already become an international success with global offices in the US, France, Germany and China. The newest expansion will increase the former American headquarters’ warehouse space by 2,000 square feet. The United States is still battling COVID-19, and many restrictions have caused businesses to suffer extreme financial loss. Due to the hard work and determination of the Stiltz team, the planned move to new headquarters was still able to take place successfully.

More Space for Improvement

The new US headquarters feature a 7,000-square-feet warehouse and a phenomenal 3,200-square-feet office to house the Technical Training Center for the company’s network of dealers. With such an expansion, Stiltz is able to modify its work environment to be safer for all of its employees in respect to COVID-19 regulations and recommendations provided by leading health organizations. Continued training will take place in a safer, more accommodating environment that protects the Stiltz staff while helping them provide even better service to customers.

The President of Stiltz Home Lifts, Mark Blomfield, expressed gratitude and excitement on behalf of the entire company regarding the expansion. He said that the team is excited not only to continue improving their products but also to improve relationships with their partners and customers. Expanding the headquarters also means expanding the business’ products and services; currently, Stiltz Home Lifts specializes in developing and installing residential elevators for both practical and aesthetic value. One large consumer base is the aging and senior population; as the oldest of America’s famous Baby Boomer generation enters their mid-70s this year, Stiltz will be a leading provider of elevators that promote safe aging in place.

Future Design Opportunity

Last year, the company introduced a 19-feet option for the Trio Alta Home Lift model. This was an innovative and exciting addition for homeowners who want to install a three-level lift or have high ceilings that would traditionally make smaller lifts more difficult to install properly. Future innovations will continue to diversify the Stiltz Home Lifts catalog to make the convenience of residential elevators more accessible to a larger population. Improvements to technology will continue to optimize the company’s product line. Currently, the company’s offerings include the Duo and Trio Lift models, the latter of which is wheelchair-compatible.

The elevators can be used as alternatives to stairlifts and have a variety of customization options, including closet to closet elevators, a compact fit for turning staircases, garage elevators and thru-car configurations. Whether a person wishes to future proof of their home, increase property value or accommodate aging loved one or those with disabilities, Stiltz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential lifts. Compact, convenient and even useful for pets, these elevators help people modify their homes easily and maintain the independence that would otherwise be challenged by their age or physical limitations.

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