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Ukrainian National Dishes: Gastronomic Pleasure and Cultural Specificity

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Ukraine can rightfully be proud of not only pretty girls, who you can meet on, but also of the taste of national cuisine. Even well-known Gogol described Ukrainian banquets in his “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka”, so have to be sure, that Ukrainian people are great ones in delicious food and are distinguished by hospitality. There are traditional meal solutions in Ukrainian cuisine that make it distinctive. If you’ll give careful consideration to the culinary traditions, it’s possible to find such recipes that will pleasantly surprise you.


Every Ukrainian can’t live without borsch. Definitely, this first course is set to be enjoyed by foreigners. In the recipe-book you can get acquainted with at least 50 recipes of borsch, because in each region it is cooked differently. The borsch can be rich with meat, napped with lard or supplemented with beans. The last one is boiled during fasting and is really delicious for vegetarians. You can be surprised that among the traditional ingredients, housewives added to the borscht apples, dried fruits, and even prunes. Pampushki with garlic are often served with borsch.


No wonder when Ukrainians say: salo (fat) is a Ukrainian drug. There are many recipes for its salting and the simplest is to chop the garlic, blend with pepper, grate the billet or lard with a mixture and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. You can also add fragrant spices.


If you’ll get to Khortytsya, in the region of the Cossack freemen, you will definitely be offered a kapustnyak. Traditionally, the pork, sour cabbage, and wheat groats were used for its cooking. Today, if the dish will be cooked over a campfire, the aroma and taste will become really unusual and especially delicious. It has a unique “acidity” and sauerkraut and potatoes boiled in it have an unusual taste. That’s why people like it.

Meat Kruchenyky

The meat for the kruchenyky (most commonly beef or pork) is beaten, and then the condiment is wrapped in it in a form of roll. Then the whole dish is tied with a string. Moreover, it can be rosated and then stewed. People in different regions of Ukraine cooked kruchenyky with different fillings. The scope for experimentation is enormous as some Ukrainians put a piece of bacon on it, overlay it with stewed cabbage from above, and wrap it.


Despite the simplicity of the dish, dumplings in Ukrainian families served for the holidays – at weddings, funerals and christenings, during church festivals or on Sundays. The condiment for varenyky depended on the day of fasting or a religious holiday – from simple to exorbitantly expensive and festive. Basically it was cabbage, farmer cheese, potatoes, and even porridge. Most of the condiments didn’t assimilate in our time, because it would be strange to dine with dumplings with buckwheat flour as a condiment (as people loved in Poltava and Chernigov).

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