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How To Avoid Truck Accidents and Stay Safe on the Road

If you’ve ever driven around a large truck on the road, you know they can be quite tricky to maneuver around. Large trucks have many features which pose a greater risk of accidents. Trucks weigh more next to passenger vehicles and require a greater stop-over space. This is why you need to be extra careful when you’re driving around one of these massive vehicles.

If you do find yourself in a truck accident, don’t go calling your criminal attorney. You will need a specialized lawyer such as a Truck Accident Attorney Chicago, or one that’s in your local vicinity. Once you hire a competent lawyer, you will be able to claim proper damages against whoever drove you off the road. Keep reading to find out how to stay safe while driving around trucks.

Keep a Buffer Space Between Your Vehicle and the Truck

Drivers of passenger vehicles should always provide sufficient space when they follow a truck. Close driving behind a bigger vehicle limits road visibility ahead. Drivers that watch trucks too closely can not see hazards approaching, such as barriers, traffic or bad road conditions.

Passenger vehicle drivers should also be careful to leave sufficient room when they pass in front of trucks. A truck will take up 90 percent more room to stop than a passenger vehicle. Therefore, you need to have a greater distance between your passenger vehicle and the truck ahead. This vital buffer disappears if you try to overtake a truck or drive slower in front of it.

Make Sure You Can See The Driver

Large trucks have bigger blind spots than most cars do. The worst blind spot happens on the passenger side, so you should always pass trucks on the driver’s side. Keep in mind that if you cannot see the truck driver’s face, they can’t see you either. When driving around a truck, ensure that you stay out of their blind spot so you can avoid a nasty collision.

Watch For Sudden Turns

Observe large trucks on the road and you’ll see that they use multiple lanes to execute turns properly and even then they swing wide out. As a passenger vehicle driver, you should anticipate this and be careful not to collide with a truck that’s turning in a wide arc. If you see a truck turning in one direction, do not pass ahead from the same side. Also stop following trucks too closely while they turn because truck drivers have very limited rear visibility.

If you pass an intersection that has a truck turning, use a lot of caution and be aware of every movement on the road. It can be quite difficult to gauge just how fast a truck is actually moving or how much space it will need to turn fully. Even if you’re in a hurry, allow the truck to complete its turn fully before you pass through or turn into the intersection. This will only keep you safer.

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