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Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained While You Work

Written by Jimmy Rustling

A child with time on their hands and nothing to do can end up bored and restless. And if you are busy working, the challenge is to keep them entertained while you get your tasks done. Keep in mind that like anyone else, your child wants to be busy doing something they are interested in when they are up and about. If not, they will call for attention, and you will have to give it to them.

If you are wondering what activities your child can do to keep them engaged and leave you to your work, there are several things you can come up with. Providing them with toys that they can have fun with and learn from such as a Playmobil Princess will keep your little one happily occupied. Toys like these allow them to use their imagination and improve their creative skills.

Here are other interesting activities your child will surely enjoy.

Arts and crafts

When it comes to arts and crafts, there are limitless projects your child will enjoy. Provide a space in your home where they can get busy with their crafting and artwork. Allow their area to get messy since your child will be experimenting on new ideas and whatever creations they make. Provide them with the necessary materials they need to put those ideas into action. Art and crafting materials are not costly, and they keep your child’s hands and mind busy. Some of these materials would include, watercolours and brushes, lots of paper, crayons, markers, clay, and other tools that your young artist will need. The idea is to encourage them to express themselves through the work they do. Hang their finished work in various areas of your home, especially their bedroom, to show that you are proud of what they have accomplished.

Encourage outdoor play

Physical activity keeps your child physically and mentally fit. Because of the pandemic, however, you and our children may not have been able to go further than your front yard. Nevertheless, your yard can be the best place for your child (and yourself) to get some fresh air and sunlight, which we all need to boost our immune system. Biking around, getting on the swing, or playing catch with a playmate can build up strong muscles and bones. Your child will sleep better too when they are worked out, much like exercise does to the body. You may even encourage them to tend a little garden, allowing them to get the sunlight they need while staying productive. Gardening teaches them how to be responsible as they nurture their plants. They also learn how to be patient, waiting for their plants to grow.

Inspire reading

Reading is something that both you and your child can enjoy. Every child enjoys stories, and reading allows them to use their imagination. Picture books for the little ones are ideal to keep them engaged. They discover new things through books and learn many lessons about the world we live in.

Keep your child busy while you work, not only for you to get things done. It is also for them to stay busy and happy with their activities.

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