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You sent your information to a scammer. What to do?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Bulk mailing is not only used by companies that want to inform their customers. Today, scammers send such messages too. They often send such notifications that it is difficult not to respond. If you provided cybercriminals with your personal information by accident, there are several steps you need to take to get out of this situation:

  1. Call your bank. If you have provided your credit card details, block it until it is debited. This will make the information specified in your message irrelevant. Also, inform the bank representatives that you are dealing with fraudsters.
  2. Call your mobile operator. If your operator has other similar complaints, it will be able to take action and block the specified number. This answers the popular question, how to help someone who is being scammed.
  3. Specifying new passwords. You can always reset passwords in online banking and social media, which will make it harder for fraudsters to access your data. Remember to use different passwords for each account.

After receiving the message, you can block the number so as not to receive mailings from it in the future.

Check if you can go back to square one

How do you know if you’ve been hacked? Many fraudsters take advantage of customers’ frivolity and send messages as if they were some company. This increases the level of trust of some users, and they send their personal data with ease. If you notice that mass mailings from any brand contain suspicious information, contact their manager online and notify about this incident.

Some operators allow you to report received spam via text message. What to do if I get scammed? You just need to forward the received notification to a specific number, and then measures will be taken.

You can also contact law enforcement agencies. If you are not the first person who gets fraudulent messages from a specific number, your case will be transferred to the appropriate authority faster, and the scammers will be caught.

Protect yourself from further risks

Keeping yourself safe is quite easy. Try not to reply to messages, because even a simple response to a notification without specifying personal data will make it clear that your number is active and in use.

When you receive a newsletter from a company, it doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or not, you can always unsubscribe from receiving notifications. This may not only be because of fraudulent activities. Sometimes, companies send ad messages too often, which may become unnecessarily annoying.

The easiest way is to block numbers. Naturally, spammers will have several of them, and they are used for mass mailings. If you blacklist them, you will be saved from a few of them at least.

If you are a representative of a company and want to create a mailing list that will not be perceived as spam, all you need to do is contact the professionals from BSG. The services on will help you create a contact list, and will make it easy for you to find a suitable marketing strategy.

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