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What are the reasons for the Problems in heating system?

Heating system is an essential need in the severe winter. But when you use it you may face different problems. To resolve heating problems in your home you can contact Winnipeg heating company. Here are some reasons for the problem in heating system.

  1. The heating system is blocked, and the heating flow in the building is unbalanced, causing the indoor temperature of some users to be high. At the same time, the indoor temperature of other users is too low to affect the average heating effect.
  2. The design and layout of the secondary pipe network are unreasonable, and the water circulation is not smooth.

3.The indoor heating of the user has been in disrepair for many years, the inner wall is fouled, and the water flow is not continuous.

4.The house is not insulated.

  1. The diameter of the user’s indoor heating system is small.
  2. House decoration affects the heat dissipation of the heating and the circulation of indoor hot air.
  3. The number of house heating packs does not match the heating area.
  4. The secondary net has insufficient insulation and excessive heat loss.
  5. For the upper and lower heating users, the heating system has a long cycle, and the water circulation speed is slow, which causes the topwater supply users not to heat, and the lower water return users to heat.
  6. The outlet temperature of the heat exchange station is small.


What are the tips for users to solve the problem of heating?

  1. Find out the reasons for the lack of heat. Many factors cause the heating to be unheated. The most common is the air plug (that is, the air in the indoor pipes and radiators). The phenomenon is that the temperature difference between the upper part and the lower part of the heating is significant. In this case, the user should resolve it by himself.
  2. The heating system without heating for each household is provided with an automatic exhaust device at the end of the top floor of the user’s home. The valve of this exhaust device is opened to exhaust the air in the pipeline. After closing the lid, wait for the system to circulate for some time.
  3. If the user implements individual heating if the entire unit is not hot.

⑴ It is necessary to check whether the automatic exhaust valve of the top floor supervisor in the corridor is working correctly and whether the gate valve under the exhaust valve is open. If it is not accessible, open it;

⑵If the exhaust hole of the exhaust valve is blocked, use a needle or a thin wire to remove the blockage;

(3) If the heat sink in the living room is not hot, you can open the air vent valve on the heatless radiator and drain the air.

If the above methods still cannot solve the problem, please contact the Winnipeg heating services or call the customer service phone of your heat exchange station, and ask the professionals to check.

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