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Wood Furniture Care and Cleaning Tips

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you have invested in high-quality wood furniture for your home, you will also want to make sure that each piece always looks new and lasts for a long time. The great news is that most wood furniture is easy to clean and maintain, but you need to do it regularly.

Cleaning wood furniture regularly

Removing dust from wood furniture does not have to be done daily, but a weekly dusting is recommended. A damp cloth will suffice to remove dirt and dust from the surface, then follow it will a dry cloth. Avoid using synthetic material which may damage or scratch the surface. If you want to disinfect the surface, you can use mild dish soap, but never use any harsh cleaning chemicals.

The most popular wood furniture finish used today is low sheen, with very little to no luster. You will find that Demarlos bedroom sets and other similar styles typically have this type of finish. To maintain the appearance of your furniture, do not use a wood polish that contains wax or silicon because these compounds can accumulate in the crevices and alter the appearance of the furniture.

Protecting wood furniture

Good quality wood furniture is built to last a long time, but if you are not careful or misuse the furniture, damage will be unavoidable. If you want to protect wood furniture, take note of the following tips:

  • Use a coaster underneath mugs, plates, and glasses since cold and hot objects will react to the wood surface and create unsightly white rings that are difficult to remove.
  • If you have décor that may scratch wood, use a felt pad underneath.
  • Plastic, nylon, and rubber react with wood after prolonged contact.
  • Avoid putting your feet up on furniture because rough edges on your footwear may scratch the surface of your furniture.
  • Wood furniture should be located far from cooling and heating vents, as well as fireplaces.
  • Control indoor climate because wood furniture can swell when exposed to high humidity.

If you have young children, you may want to put a protective covering over wood furniture in the meantime to prevent damage and scratches caused by regular wear and tear.

Fixing minor damage

Even with enough vigilance, damage to wood furniture is unavoidable. Minor issues can be fixed easily, such as small scratches and watermarks.

  • For small dents and scratches, you can use a shoe polish or furniture pen to repair the affected area.
  • For watermarks and white rings, use rubbing alcohol and a soft cotton cloth. You can also use a cleaning product specifically designed to remove watermarks from wood furniture. You can also use oil to polish the surface. A blow dryer set to low may help in removing the moisture from the outer surface of the wood. After drying the surface, wipe it with a cloth to restore the sheen.

If you have high-end wood furniture, you can also hire a professional cleaning company for maintenance. Some stores also offer protection plans for the furniture they sell which may include repairs for minor damage.



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