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Cafe in the Kitchen: 6 Things You Need to Include In Your Coffee Bar

Written by Jimmy Rustling

You can save money and brew coffee shop quality cups of joe in the comfort of your home by having a coffee bar. Here are six things you need to include in your coffee bar to turn it into a cafe in your kitchen.


Freshly roasted coffee

Make your coffee bar feel like you are at your favorite cafe by stocking it with your favorite fresh roasted coffee. It maintains optimal flavor, intensity, and aromatics because it is not as processed as ground coffee.

Ground coffee beans lose freshness, even inside store packaging, so it’s best to keep freshly roasted coffee instead for a better taste experience. No matter what coffee you love, the caffeine can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Coffee grinder

Since you will have freshly roasted coffee, don’t forget to invest in a coffee grinder for your coffee bar. Grinding the fresh coffee beans in this machine allows the hot beverage to be evenly extracted when brewed in your coffee maker. An uneven extraction means that your coffee may taste sour rather than fresh.

Avoid purchasing pre-ground coffee from the store. Grinding fresh coffee beans allows for a fresher taste equivalent to coffee shop quality.

Coffee maker

There are many types of coffee makers on the market to achieve the style of coffee you wish to drink. Choose from drip coffee makers, single-serve, French press, Aeropress, siphon, percolator, and many other coffee maker types.

Percolator and drip coffee makers brew quickly. French press coffee makers reassure that coffee is not overly extracted, producing a deliciously rich flavor. While a single-serve coffee maker only brews one cup at a time, the drip coffee maker can make about seven to eight cups, and the Aeropress can produce up to three cups.

Your favorite coffee mugs

Pick five to 10 favorite coffee mugs to keep stationed at your coffee bar. Free up counter space by installing utility hooks into the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you can use a mug tree that stores your mugs in plain sight without them sitting on the counter. However, for a more enhanced presentation to show the designs and sayings on the cups, you should give each mug its own outward-facing utility hook.

Sugar bowl with a spoon slot

Find a sugar bowl with a spoon slot that matches your coffee bar’s theme. Most of them are white, beige, or metal which helps to fit with almost any kitchen decor. A sugar bowl with a spoon slot adds an air of fanciness to your coffee bar rather than keeping standard sugar packets on the counter.

Be sure to have extra stirring spoons available next to the sugar bowl. The special spoon can stay in its slot between making coffee cups, and the stirring spoons can incorporate the cream, sugar, and other additions inside the prepared brewed coffee cup.


Especially if you, your family members, and guests want to enjoy coffee in another room, have some coasters in a tray somewhere on your coffee bar. Ask that each person grab a coaster after they have made their coffee.

Before you go

A coffee bar can genuinely create a cafe-like environment in your kitchen. You never know if your love of designing a home coffee bar could turn into opening a coffee shop business.

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