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Dating a Czech Woman: The Ultimate Guide for Men

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The Czech Republic and, specifically, Prague are among the best and most popular destinations in Europe. While visiting this country, many guys are introduced to the ravishing beauty of the local women, who embody the best of Slavic genetics. Besides their looks, these girls have numerous other traits that go in their favor.

Dating a Czech bride with a focus on marriage can be an exhilarating experience. Westerners often use online dating sites to connect with these ladies, although they might also hook up with them directly while visiting Prague, Brno, and other cities.

In this article provided by international dating experts from BridesUniverse, we’ll share some valuable information about Czech mail-order brides as well as a few tricks on where to meet these remarkable females.

Why Are Czech Women Interested in Foreigners?

First off, you’re probably wondering why Czech women are even considering foreigners. Isn’t it easier to hook up with local guys and continue living in their country? In the end, everyone would love to live in a magnificent, magical place such as Prague, right?

Well, not quite.

Despite their incredible heritage, many Czech women struggle to find permanent jobs and pay rent in bigger cities. The crisis has been especially noticeable in the last few years since the onset of the COVID crisis. That said, the main reason why they’re looking toward the West for marriage has to do with finances.

However, that’s not the only reason why they become mail-order brides:

  • Besides money, Czech girls are primarily looking for opportunities. For example, they might prefer living in even more developed regions, with a better social system for their children (although the Czech Republic is also well developed in its own regard)
  • Some of them simply go with foreigners because they want an exotic husband. They might want to change their place of living and, specifically, go somewhere where it’s hotter or closer to the seaside
  • Certain ladies might not like the local mindset. Although Czech Slavs are disciplined and have numerous similarities to Germans, they also can be a bit too macho. They might also be looking for some other character traits that the locals are missing
  • Besides Prague and Brno, most Czech cities are relatively small. Some of the girls might be looking for rich husbands in big metropolitan areas. This is especially true for women who live in small villages
  • Another potential reason why Czech women are interested in dating foreigners has to do with high divorce rates. Given the rates of 47%, it is obvious that locals aren’t satisfied with the current dating pool

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why the Czech would embark on an adventure of looking for a foreign, usually Western, husband.

Interesting Tidbits About Czech Brides

Like women from other regions and countries, young Czech ladies are emancipated and believe in equal rights and roles between sexes.  Most of them are highly educated, perceiving school as an excellent way to leave the Czech Republic. Many of them speak several languages, including English, which is a major perk when dating US and UK men.

With that in mind, here are the most interesting facts about local online brides:

  • The trend of marrying late has also reached the Czechs. Despite being conservative, many of these girls wait until their 30s to tie the knot
  • Even if they’re not married, many women have steady, long-lasting relationships and live with their partners
  • Similarly, these mail-order brides are not in a rush to have kids. It has become quite common to have the first child in early thirties and even late thirties. On average, a Czech couple has 1.9 kids, which is lower than the US average
  • A good portion of Czech people don’t believe in god or don’t implement religious rites – Almost half of them
  • Besides the English language, many Czech women are proficient in German and might even understand some other Slavic languages at a basic level

It’s worth noting there isn’t a single, unique reason why these women seek marriage outside the borders. While money is often listed as a big factor, we need to mention that the country isn’t that poor.

One of the speculations is that they simply want something different. At the same time, these ladies might also be victims of modern liberalism, thinking there are better opportunities in the West and that they deserve something much better. This can be a big trap for a guy from the US who is looking to escape the same issue in his own country.

How to Meet Czech Brides?

Finding Czech mail-order brides is rather simple in this day and age. Given the cheap ticket, you can visit Prague at any time and stay there for several months. This will give you ample opportunities to assess the locals and find a girl for yourself.

If you’re chained to the desk or can’t afford a prolonged hiatus, your next best choice is using marriage sites like:

  • TheLuckyDate
  • SofiaDate
  • BravoDate
  • SingleSlavic
  • JollyRomance

Using these websites is rather straightforward, and you’ll feel right at home if you’re used to online dating. Like with any similar site, you need to create a profile and leave as much information as possible. Given that these are for-marriage platforms, you’ll have to provide much more relevant information about your financial and family status.

To stay on the safe side, we recommend you use the websites mentioned above. There are many scammers in this vertical, charging incredibly high sums for basic online communication.

It’s also wise to spend prolonged time with your future wife before proceeding with the marriage. Many guys are looking to expedite the process, ending up with a woman who absolutely doesn’t care about them.


Czech women are among the most sought-after mail-order brides in the world. The enchanting ladies are extremely pretty, educated, and loving, making for great wives and mothers. However, if you wish to hook up with one of these jewels, we suggest you take a patient, proactive approach and learn more about their culture and habits.

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