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How to learn to love mathematics in class 6? How can IMO be of help?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Mathematics is a subject that involves logic, formulae, and numbers. It is one of the few subjects that helps the students to develop a sense of numbers. Everything in the world can be seen as numbers and students must learn to understand the world around them through numbers, that is mathematics. Mathematics is a subject that is feared by a majority of students and it is not even supposed to be that intimidating. Mathematics is a subject that requires caution and practice. In this article, we will be discussing how the students can learn to love mathematics and lose their fear of the same. We will also be discussing the details of the IMO.


This is definitely the first step on the stairs to development and students need to love the satisfaction of solving a question correctly and getting the required answer. Students need to practice every single day and allocate time for this activity. Allocating time for this will help the students to actually work on their mathematics skills and achieve success. Students need to try out different methods for the numerous types of problems that they might end up facing in their examinations. There are a lot of steps in any given mathematics question and students will need to keep their focus on each and every step. Each step is as important as the previous step and the students must be cautious while solving the problem. They will only understand what can go wrong only if they practice as much as possible. Practice makes everything easy for them. They will know the problems in and out if they manage to practice enough questions.


NCERT material is important for the students to build their fundamentals strongly and be thorough with the topics they need to cover. NCERT textbooks are strongly trusted to be the best textbook material for the students and are truly believed so. There are numerous questions given in the textbook and they help the students to get the much-needed practice that we initially discussed. Practicing the questions given in the textbook and being thorough with the types of problems presented there students can develop themselves and get closer to perfection. The questions in the examinations are known to be framed with the help of the NCERT textbooks and hence the students must make sure they are strong with the concepts and the questions given in the textbook. There are plenty of reference books out there for the reference of the students. Students need not refer to these books for building their fundamentals as the NCERT textbooks are enough by themselves for this. They are enough even for the practice that the students need. Students should refer to the other reference books only if they need extra questions to further build on the knowledge they built with the NCERT textbooks. Students need to understand their work will pay off in the end and hence must push themselves to their limits to attain their best possible form.

IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad

SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) conducts the International Mathematics Olympiad for students to develop themselves and face a competitive environment. Competition is something that still has to be introduced to the lower grades. Competition is something that students need to develop themselves. It is something that is needed for the development of skills and the competition also will motivate the students to perform better than they would otherwise.

IMO Class 6 Previous Year Paper 2012 will give the students a good idea of how the paper is. This will help them prepare accordingly. There are advanced level questions in this exam and this will help the students to develop their skills. Developing their skills and expanding their knowledge is something important for the students. Students can be sure that they are going in the right direction if they are able to answer these questions. The questions are given in this examination to test the students in different ways and help them figure out which topics pull them down. This will be helpful for the students to understand how enjoyable mathematics can be. It can be a subject that the students love and have fun solving.

Peer Groups

Students can form groups among themselves and motivate each other to solve questions. The students will push each other past their limits. This can even be viewed as a friendly competition. Competing with friends and helping each other learn are the main reasons why peer groups are promoted. It can be distracting to form groups with people of the same age but it will also take them a long way. They will compete with friends for fun and notice the improvement in themselves. This step can be immensely valuable for the students. Development is only worth it if they keep their peers pushing them up when needed. These peer groups might even turn into something later on in the future if the students continue with their work.

With the steps given above, students can help themselves and be confident with a subject like mathematics. Mathematics might be intimidating at first but with effort and practice, students can beat the subject and score high. It can be a subject that the students end up loving and scoring the highest in. The introduction to the competitive environment with the help of the International Mathematics Olympiad is a boon for the students. Students need to use this opportunity to their benefit and succeed in their upcoming examinations involving mathematics. Mathematics does not have to be that intimidating and students will realize that as they follow this article closely.

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