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Tips to use NCERT books for class 10 Hindi

Established in the year 1961 under the Ministry of Education, GoI – The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body consisting of India’s foremost academicians. Scholars and Policymakers who advise the government on the educational policies, framework for curriculum, as well as syllabi, textbooks, and other learning-teaching materials for school-level education, are all developed by the NCERT. It’s in charge of teacher preparation. The NCERT works with both national and international educational organisations.

Understanding the difference between CBSE and NCERT –

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, which is India’s national board of examinations for both public and private schools. Every year, it administers the final examinations or Boards for Class 10 and Class 12. It requires all of its connected schools to follow the NCERT curriculum.

NCERT as described above is a governing educational research body that provides the framework for the CBSE to build its syllabus and curriculum. Both the bodies work in tandem and are complementary to each other in improving the educational standards in India.

Understanding the role of NCERT books for Board Exam preparation

Board exams are a critical phase for any school student, it forms the basis and foundation for higher studies and having the right study material for preparation and revision is of utmost importance. CBSE does not mandate the NCERT books but in most cases, it is highly recommended to read NCERT textbooks and solution books for reference while preparing for the board examinations.

Every year, before the academic year commences, the CBSE board introduces a unique Exam Syllabus, and according to this latest syllabus, CBSE publishes study materials, blueprints, and exam patterns. The NCERT produces and distributes textbooks to CBSE students at the elementary and secondary levels based on the recent CBSE Syllabus.

NCERT for Board Exam preparation for the 10th Standard

NCERTs serve as the foundation for the complete preparation of board examinations of the 10th standard since they are the most fundamental texts and are written in very simple language. They are also lucid and unbiased. From a board exam perspective, students must definitely refer to these books to have a clear and precise understanding of the concepts to build their answers upon.

Tips to use NCERT books for class 10 Hindi

10th standard Hindi board examination would be held for 80 marks and the questions would be directly from the lessons part of the NCERT curriculum. Being one of the language subjects, it could be a great opportunity for the students aspiring to score high. Students must begin their preparation by thoroughly going through the recommended NCERT Books for Class 10 Hindi

The curriculum is prepared to balance out various aspects of a language subject like – Prose, Poetry, Non-detail essays and grammar. The recommended Hindi textbooks for board exams include Kshitij (17) Kritika (5), Sparsh (17), and Sanchayan(3) with respective numbers for chapters so each chapter is crucial in terms of the examination. Educators have been using these Hindi textbooks while curating the final exam questions, providing assignments and instructing in the school. While studying for the exams, students must consult their relevant Hindi textbooks.

Some of India’s greatest poets and authors whose works are included in the syllabus are – Jaishankar Prasad, Tulsidas, Soordas, Yashpal, Mahaveer Prasad Dwivedi to name a few.

Understanding the question paper

The board exam question paper contains 4 sections, Part A is focused on reading skills which would have prose and poetry and the students are expected to write answers after comprehending the same.  Part B is focused on Grammar, multiple types of questions can be seen in this part, they are simple to score if one has a good grip on the subject. Part C would include Literature and Part D would include writing, Here the questions may be asked to write an essay, draft a letter or make an Ad copy. Students must be aware of all the types of questions and also avoid lengthy answers. Multiple sections of the paper will have a choice to attempt only a few of the questions among the given.

Some of the key points for NCERT textbooks for the preparation Hindi in the 10th standard board exams include the following –

  • The content is developed by eminent scholars and subject matter experts after meticulous research and it is updated every year with the latest information.
  • The textbooks have a simple and lucid language that will help the students read through the topics easily. Preparation of notes and being able to write answers in a clear and concise way on the boards is possible.
  • Language subjects are a compilation of works from great poets, writers and authors. These textbooks provide the relevant meanings and explanations for the students to easily comprehend the content.
  • Reading the chapters followed by referring to the class notes and solution books would give the students a holistic perspective to be able to tackle any kind of questions.
  • Students can make notes of key topics from which questions were asked in the previous years for easier revision. Notes on poets and authors would help to write accurate introductions before the answers.
  • One must also practice sections like letter writing and essay writing on different types of topics to be able to easily attempt during the boards.
  • Time management in the exam must be planned as language consumes much time while writing, students must keep a track of time and write legibly.
  • One must try to score well in the grammar and prose areas as they are easier to attempt, Prose stories can be easily remembered and reciprocated.

Final verdict – The NCERT books are a great source of knowledge prepared in line with the CBSE curriculum and help prepare for the board examinations in a structured manner. The textbooks are complemented by solution books, study materials etc for ease of preparation. The textbooks are cost-effective and digital PDF forms are widely available for the students.  Writing language exams requires skill and patience, one must have an open mind during preparation and not restrict themselves to certain chapters only. Languages will be useful beyond the examination if learnt correctly and fluently.

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