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What is IMO? Complete Details

Mathematics is a very important subject and demands immense clarity of concepts. It requires sufficient levels of practice and hard work to understand some of the most complex concepts in maths. The IMO or the International Maths Olympiad is a platform that offers comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the students related to Maths. Students are trained to understand the basics and apply the concepts in various situations to gain extensive knowledge and clarity about the concepts. If you want to know more about the IMO Class 9 2012 Question Paper, this article will help you gain significant knowledge about this exam.

It is conducted for the students of Classes 1 to 10 every year wherein a set of complex and tricky questions are asked from the syllabus belonging to the previous classes. For example, if you are willing to participate in the olympiad in Class 8, the major portion of the syllabus will include the topics that you’ve studied in Class 7. It is a competitive examination conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) in schools all over India. It is a general observation that the students who participate and perform well in the maths olympiad have a significant edge over other students as far as problem-solving and interpretation of concepts are concerned.

Points to Remember before Participation:

There are many things that you should consider before participating in the maths olympiad. These can be discussed as follows:

  • Maths Olympiad aims to develop and foster a student’s keen interest in mathematics and the concepts involved in maths. Many students acquire an interest in understanding the fundamental concepts behind solving many problems.
  • Since Mathematics relates to real-life situations extensively, it is necessary to understand the concepts in-depth so that you can figure out why things happen the way they happen.
  • The difficulty level of the questions in the maths olympiad is more advanced thus, the questions can become complicated for most of the students.
  • Students can get the experience of a competitive examination during the junior classes and they can perform well in their successive classes because tackling a competitive exam requires additional efforts.
  • Olympiads undoubtedly test the intellect of the students to trigger critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is essential to develop these capabilities because these will prove extremely favorable in the long run.
  • Preparation for olympiads demands successful time management due to the disparity in the syllabus. Even though the syllabus for the olympiad and the school curriculum coincide, questions in the olympiad require a far-fetched understanding of the concepts.

How to Participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad?

The whole procedure for registration for the IMO takes place online at the school level. The interested schools can register for the maths olympiad through ITO’s website. The interested students can enroll for IMO as soon as the concerned teachers make an announcement. Students should fill the form and pay the specific fee for successful registration. It is important to note that those students who perform extraordinarily are given several prizes and awards. IMO consists of two successive levels. The first one is based upon logical and analytical reasoning concerning mathematics. The second level is more challenging than the first due to the presence of high-level questions that are a tough nut to crack for many students. Qualifying for the second level in the Maths Olympiad is easier said than done.

What are the topics you should focus on?

To gain a clear understanding of the topics which are a part of the olympiad, go through the syllabus offered by the ITO for the concerned classes. The syllabus corresponds to the education boards – CBSE, ICSE, etc. but, an extensive understanding of the concepts is required while attempting the questions in the olympiad. The syllabus for the maths olympiad aggravates the proficiency and interest of the students in various mathematical concepts. It is significant to note that students don’t need to devote additional focus to the syllabus for the maths olympiad because the major portions remain the same. Changes in the level of conceptual clarity and understanding can be traced out eventually.

How to Prepare for International Mathematics Olympiad?

Since IMO is a competitive examination, it will require additional practice and clarity of the concepts in the syllabus. A comprehensive approach should be adopted while preparing for this exam because you need to expand your level of thinking and try to think out of the box while solving the questions. You must go through the previous year’s questions papers to get a decent interpretation of the type of questions you have to be prepared for. Solving the previous year’s questions will make it easy for you to comprehend the level of questions that you must aim for and expect in the exam.

Questions are asked in a multiple-choice format but, solving the questions without hurdles is the key factor to care about. Extensive practice from workbooks and other reference books will boost your overall preparation. It is necessary to self-evaluate your progress using the mock tests available online. Rigorous practice along with honest self-evaluation will work in your favor and improve your mistakes eventually. A balance should be maintained between practice and evaluation.


Participation in the maths olympiad will be beneficial for many students who wish to enhance their knowledge in basic mathematical concepts and want to expose themself to tricky questions to trigger their sense of understanding. Moreover, students can comprehend the problems efficiently and reach satisfactory conclusions without any obstacles. Students need to analyze the situations critically and think in all possible ways to reach the final answer. It is therefore very beneficial for the students to participate in the maths olympiad. The earlier you experience the dilemma caused by a competitive examination, the better you’ll perform in successive years because competitive exams test your knowledge and other capabilities simultaneously. Participating in the IMO not only sharpens the brain’s thinking ability, but the students are likely to perform better in school exams also. Rest assured, the maths olympiad has a truckload of benefits for you even if you don’t think that it does. Best of luck to you!

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