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9 Things to Prepare for Your Newborn to Come Home

You’ve been preparing for almost nine months to have your child come home for the first time. When the day actually comes, you may feel a bit more overwhelmed than you originally imagined.

Before you become too anxious, let’s talk about nine ways to prepare. Don’t worry. There are other alternatives out there as well. Look for hypoallergenic baby formula and make sure to read the contents and ingredients carefully


Preparing for the birth of your child means you’ll be preparing for breastfeeding. Seeking the help of professional breastfeeding support can be incredibly helpful and ensure you succeed in your breastfeeding journey.

Set up the Crib

During your pregnancy, you may have forgotten or procrastinated on setting up the crib. Your newborn is going to need a lot of attention and affection.

Make sure to take that into consideration the next time you’re looking at the box and want to avoid setting it up. Doing it ahead of time will give you one less thing to think about so your focus can be on your child.

As you prepare for your newborn’s arrival, it’s crucial to consider their sleep routine and transitions. Learn more about when should your baby stop using a sleep sack in this informative article, which provides valuable insights into ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep environment for your little one.

Have Clothes Ready

A lot of the time, hospitals tend to dress your child in more clothing than they need. Dress them as you’d dress yourself. If it’s summer, your baby probably doesn’t need a knitted hat.

If it’s winter, have a pair of warm footie pajamas and a blanket. These are all things to purchase beforehand and have in your hospital bag for the day of delivery. Ensuring you have everything ready for your new arrival is essential, and shop gender neutral baby outfits is a smart move.

Learn About Newborn Nutrition

Newborn babies need nutrition which primarily comes from breast milk. However, there is a chance your child could be allergic to milk.

Don’t worry. There are other alternatives out there as well. Look for hypoallergenic baby formula and make sure to read the contents and ingredients carefully.

Have an Appropriate Car Seat Prepared

Choosing a car seat is one of the most important purchases for your child’s safety. Do your research here. Once you have one, set it up before the hospital visit.

They can sometimes be complicated, and when you’re leaving the hospital, you won’t want to be figuring out a car seat. It’s important to note that babies should be rear-facing until they’re at least two years old.

Bring Something for Yourself

While you’ll want to be spending time with your child, don’t forget about yourself too.

Bring a book, a journal, or something you enjoy aside from your phone. Your days are about to be filled with childcare so make sure to do a little self-care at the hospital.

Be Ready for a Lot of Feelings

Aside from being overjoyed and filled with love, you’re going to experience a lot of feelings when you bring your newborn home for the first time.

Your body will be physically sore and exhausted. You may experience postpartum depression or have a wave of hormones causing a shift in your moods. These are all normal experiences.

Try not to get overwhelmed. It’s important to allow yourself to ask for help whether it’s from your partner, your family, friends, a neighbor, or even a therapist.

Do More Tasks Before Your Baby Is Born

A lot of new parents end up saying they wish they’d done more before the baby was born. This doesn’t mean big travel plans or taking big life risks. They are referring to the little things.

Make a list of what you need to get done for yourself. This could be things like doctors and dentist appointments or going to the DMV to update your license.

Life is filled with responsibilities outside of parenting. Set yourself up for success by knocking a few things off the list before your newborn is home for good.

Stock Up Your Changing Table

You’ll want to set up your changing table ahead of time just like you’d do with the crib. Aside from the setup, don’t forget to stock it.

Put the baby’s clothes in a place you’ll find them and have diapers and wipes readily available. It’ll make a world of difference once you need to change your newborn for the first time.


This list might seem like there’s a lot to do. But by giving yourself extra time before the baby is born, you’ll be geared up and ready for their arrival. Do as much as you can ahead of time, take care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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