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What should I do if my newborn is allergic to milk?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Milk allergy and milk intolerance symptoms are pretty similar, from stomach cramps to nausea or even diarrhea. Moreover, the names of these conditions are often used synonymously and are not correct in all cases. Knowing how to recognize them and when to see a doctor will help diagnose your child more quickly and allow you to apply for an effective diet therapy program. This is ensured by following a diet if your child is breastfed or using a specialized hypoallergenic baby formula for allergic babies on formula feeding.

Breastfeeding and milk allergy

In rare cases, your baby may react to milk proteins from the foods you eat in your breast milk. If your baby has been diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy and is breastfed, you may have to change your diet. However, this should only be done after consulting your doctor, as such cases are quite rare.

Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

Suppose your baby is formula-fed and has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. In that case, your doctor can prescribe a highly hydrolyzed formula. The proteins in this type of formula are deeply broken down to such a small size that the baby’s immune system does not recognize them as an allergen. This process does not affect the nutritional value of the formula. HiPP HA PRE formula with prebiotics and probiotics is designed to feed allergy-prone infants from the first days of life.

Label content and ingredient composition

Treating cow’s milk allergy involves eliminating cow’s milk from your child’s diet. So you will need to carefully read food labels and ingredient composition, as milk can be present in the most unexpected places. Legislative requirements for food labeling can help because commonly recognized allergens, such as milk, must be listed on the packaging of packaged foods.

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