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Ancient people believed in many superstitions because of their unfamiliarity with nature. They thought their gods made a man lose his mind when they were angry. Around 2,400 years ago, a Greek physician proposed that mental disorders were not the result of divine intervention. That’s how the discipline of philosophy contributed to the general progress of human intellect. It has helped us understand how humans think and their brain functions. Psychologists study people’s minds and behavior.

The world witnessed a tragedy in 2020; it wasn’t ready to face. COVID-19 shook the very foundations of our traditional civilization and made us rethink the structure of modern society. People realized the importance of distance learning and the benefits of work-from-home. They modified their greeting customs by reducing human contact. They shrank interaction from the outside world and started covering their faces in public. These events provide exciting subjects for a new psychological analysis of the world.

This epidemic has made teachers and psychologists as crucial as doctors and virologists. Humanity needs emotional support, along with medical assistance. Economy failure and rising cases of coronavirus have caused more anxiety and depression problems. People’s mental health is deteriorating significantly after the attack of SARS-CoV-2. Some people think wearing face masks challenges their freedom. Others have lost all hope of recovery and don’t have the spirit to continue with their lives. These challenges make the services of psychologists more urgently required than ever before. Let’s see in what ways these “cognitive scientists” have made this society a better place.


You can use your psychological abilities to serve the legal system and social services sector. There exist many options for you to be useful at correctional facilities and jails. The criminal justice system does need psychological assistance occasionally. This field is suitable for those psychologists who have a knack for the law. As per APA, a few objectives of forensic psychologists include: (a) custody/competency evaluations; (b) sentencing suggestions; and (c) psychologically treating criminal offenders. They help designing penitentiaries and do academic research on the criminal mind. You can now receive an online forensic psychology degree from high-ranking universities, eliminating the need to relocate. The outlook of this profession looks promising, with a 14% expected increment.


Psychologists can use this opportunity to study the impact of coronavirus on people. This year’s not just for virologists or immunologists to shine. Psychologists and social workers need to find out the best methods to keep people peaceful. The Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) is investigating social distancing and negative feelings attached to it. Their findings will map people’s thoughts and feelings about this pandemic. Psychologists have to ask multiple questions. Do people trust politicians more than scientists? Has the global trust in science diminished after the emergence of COVID-19? Are people mentally prepared for a long-term lockdown if the vaccine isn’t ready before 2021? The psychologists have to study the mental impact of this epidemic.


It was a new experience for people to be in quarantine. They weren’t expecting the Spanish Flu-like health concerns to return. Governments of many countries banned social gatherings and obligated their citizens to self-isolate domestically. People who already have severe medical conditions are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Such patients also struggle with anxiety or depression. So, being quarantined and shunned from the outside world makes them even more depressed. A study recorded the following negative responses from these people: fear, nervousness, sadness, and guilt. Psychologists can help these people tackle their concerns. Patients need to overcome the dread of coronavirus with the help of a robust emotional supporter.


Psychologists have always performed a critical role in public education. A hoard of fake news and scientific misconceptions accompanied the arrival of COVID-19. Scientists did their best to ward off all the nonsense, but still, some hoaxes persist in public. Psychologists can help guide the people toward the correct approach to corona-resistance. Psychologists understand the human mind and know how to convince a person, and they can transmit accurate medical information to the people persuasively. A psychologist can be a convincing teacher if he tries. In hospitals, they can console a troubled patient. In schools, they can teach children how to adjust to the new normal. The NASP recommends that, for every 500-700 students, there needs to be one school psychologist.


Media psychology helps us understand how the media affects an ordinary American citizen. How much an average person relies on the news? How does the media change public opinion? Business psychology helps a corporate ensure the mental stability of its employers. As the unemployment rate dropped dangerously low during COVID-19, workers needed to maintain their mental health. Business people can’t afford to compromise on the psychological wellbeing of their laborers. Family therapy saves families from getting disintegrated due to economic or psychological pressure. Crammed into a single house for weeks doesn’t seem like a prosperous future for the younger generation. Adolescents have reported a higher risk of anxiety and depression.


COVID-19 harmed national psychological stability. Pew Research showed that almost one-third of the people faced clinical anxiety, depression, or both. But the American Psychiatric Association (APA) revealed some alarming results. They found that half of the American workers were unwilling to discuss their mental health. One-third of them were afraid they would get fired for having a nervous breakdown. When people are scared to seek help, it’s the job of the psychologists to promise them discretion and security. A person opens up only when he/she is comfortable and secure about the consequences. Psychologists provide mental tranquility to troubled men and women. The services of psychologists have helped society cope with COVID-19.

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