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How Dr. Mark Schwartz From Harmony Place Monterey Is Transforming The Lives Of People With Eating Disorders

Written by Jimmy Rustling

With many people facing eating disorders, it helps to take caution and early attention before things turn out messy. Medical records indicate that failure to seek professional attention contributes mainly to stress and poor health, and this leads to a miserable life. Harmony Place Monterey, led by Dr. Mark Schwartz, comes to your rescue to help you regain the lost glory.

Eating disorders are part of psychological conditions resulting from unhealthy habits when eating, and this is due to food obsession or body size issues. The disorders are life-threatening when not treated.  Some of the common ones include Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge eating disorder, and Rumination disorder. According to experts, eating disorders happen to many people due to cultural morals, personality behaviors, issues with brain anatomy, or even genetics.

How you deal with an eating disorder will determine your recovery experience. That explains why you need a trained professional to offer proper treatment. Dr. Mark Schwartz has been in the medical space for many decades. With a specialization in handling eating-related disorders, he knows the right approach to every problem an eating disorder patient presents.

Dr. Mark Schwartz Approach to Treating Eating Disorders

Every eating disorder is different, requiring different treatment methods. Dr. Mark Schwartz works on stabilizing the symptoms, making it possible to know the main factors that present the condition. These disorders become complicated with time.

Eating behaviors depend on the emotional well being of an individual. If you’re overwhelmed with emotions and the only way to manage your stress and acquire comfort is through food, you’re likely to find yourself trapped and facing the disorder head-on. In such situations, Dr. Mark Schwartz’s treatment focuses on behavioral psychotherapy, looking deeply at your physical and emotional state to find a solution.

Harmony Place Monterey makes time to address every situation. Without a doubt, many people develop bad habits without noticing. However, the problems have not yet been addressed by a professional. Dr. Mark Schwartz will help you understand these habits and how to adopt relevant changes to help you overcome them.

Dr. Mark Schwartz and Staff Dedication to Recovery Journey

Dr. Mark Schwartz aims at carrying out extensive diagnosis, and more so, educating you on everything you need to know about the eating disorders. With basic knowledge, you’re able to evaluate yourself at the early stages and draft a way forward to address the issue. With that, you’re ready to adjust your lifestyle and confront the condition with ease.

Dr. Mark Schwartz knows the medication you need for your case. More so, he considers life coaching as one of the crucial ways to full recovery. Here, patients get educated on how to remain focused, and at the same time, focus on what they want. With these skills from a team of coaches, patients gain the confidence to carry forward.

The recovery process is not a walk in the park, and you’re likely to experience some hard times. Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey understands this and gives the patients a serene environment without distractions to aid recovery.

Whether it’s counseling, self-discovery teaching, therapy, or any other approach to addressing the patients, there is full attention and professionalism throughout the process. Through motivation, your recovery becomes a reality. Get in touch with Harmony Place Monterey today!

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