Recovery from a broken shoulder

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It is not very likely that you will suffer from a broken shoulder at some point in your life. If you do, look for medical care as soon as possible. You may be in considerable pain and it is possible that you will need surgery. Treating broken bones is one of the more complex issues treated at the Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Queens, NY.

The goal of the treatment of fractured shoulder is to recover your shoulder’s full function and range of motion. The treatment includes supervised appropriate exercise and physical therapy.

What are the symptoms of a fractured shoulder?

When your shoulder is broken, you will find it very painful to make any movement, including lifting your arm. You will experience bruising, swelling, and intense pain.

Any movement will result in difficulty breathing because moving the shoulder results in the movement of the chest. Your shoulder will look deformed and flat. If you experience any of these symptoms after a fall, your shoulder is very probably fractured and you need immediate medical attention.

The best way to recover from a broken shoulder

How fast you will recover from a broken shoulder depends on the severity of your injury, other injuries you have suffered from, and your general health. If your fracture requires surgery to put the bones together, the recovery will naturally take a longer time.

Your age also plays an important role. The older you are, the longer it takes for the bones and other involved tissues to heal. In general, be prepared for about six weeks of treatments and rehabilitation to fully recover.

About a week after your injury and the required medical treatment, you should begin a series of customized exercises and physical therapy, as prescribed by your doctor. Do not delay therapy if you want to avoid a “frozen shoulder,” an unpleasant loss of motion of your shoulder.

The more you move your arm, the more you will avoid the stiffness of your shoulder. Exercises greatly fasten your recovery.

What are your options?

Your broken shoulder will require specialized medical care even if your injury does not require surgery. A medical specialist will ensure that you get the right treatment and recover as fast as possible.

To start with, the treatment might involve placing an ice pack on the site of the injury to reduce swelling.

Your shoulder and arm will have to be immobilized while your bones are mending. You will very likely need pain killers, at least at the beginning of the therapy. Your doctor will advise you on what pain medication to take and how to gradually reduce their use to avoid potential side effects.

While your bones are healing, your physical therapist will create an exercise plan customized to your needs. The goal of exercises is to recover the full motion of your shoulder.

It is important to follow the instructions of the physical therapist to avoid possible trauma and to make the recovery as fast as possible. Take it easy and do not be impatient. A broken shoulder is a serious injury and it takes time.

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