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Home Safety and Health: 10 Safety Tips Directly from Experts

Written by Jimmy Rustling

10 Safety Tips for Your Home

It’s one of the most important moral obligations to ensure the safety of our older adults at home. According to the Center for Disease Control of the United States, one of the leading reasons for fatal injuries in the country is falling. Additionally, one out of every four people over 65 years of age fall every year. In order to make sure that your older adults are safe at home, consider following the ten safety tips for home care listed below.

Emergency Numbers

People living with their older adults must keep the most important emergency number saved on each smartphone they have. It’s also a good practice to write them down in large print that anyone can easily read, even in panic attacks.

Prevent Falls

Make sure that all paths, stairs, and hallways of your home are clear of hurdles, such as shoes or books. Provide older adults with banisters or rails to go down and upstairs easily. Use rubber mats in bathrooms and toilets to prevent slipping, especially in the bathtubs. Moreover, in order to prevent scalding, change your thermostat’s setting to keep the temperature below 120° F.

Grab Bars

Consider installing the grab bars in your bathrooms, especially near the toilet and in the shower.

Shower Chairs

Consider purchasing a shower chair if it’s difficult for the older adult to step into the bathtub. The shower chair straddles the bathtub. If your shower doesn’t have a lip, then you can also get a roll-in chair.


In order to promote their appetite, consider taking care of their mouth hygiene. Assist them in cleaning their hands before and after the meal.


Collect all the equipment that you’ll need to use. Generally, warm water, basin, washcloth, towels, shaving cream, aftershave, or shaving lotion. Cover your elderly with a towel and apply the shaving process very gently.


Keep in mind that hair care is one of the most important safety tips, which is vital for the cleanliness, self-esteem, and dignity of older adults. Consider calling a hairdresser to home every now and then for a haircut. It keeps them mentally sound.

Fire Safety

Keep a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher in your home no matter what. Moreover, you must also have two separate exit ways as well. Keep all the heaters at least three to five feet away from bedding, furniture, curtains, and anything else that can catch fire.


If any older adult cannot walk and remains in the wheelchair, all the countertops, switches, and lights must be within his/her reach. All the stairs and hallways must have proper lighting. The doorknobs and handles should be soft and easy to use.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene brings countless benefits, and the most important one is that it promotes appetite. It also prevents the chances of stomach related disease. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that you take care of their oral hygiene. Consider brushing their teeth if the care recipient cannot do that.


Home safety and health is the risk assessment for the care recipient. You can use the tips mentioned above to provide the best home care experience. If you have a very busy schedule, then search “home health care agency near me” on the Internet to find the best home healthcare services today.


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