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How to Make your Siblings Feel Special if you are Far Away from Them?

Well, the most memorable relationship we have is with our siblings as we spent most of the time in childhood with them fighting over the last bite of ice cream and who will bring the ball from gutter while playing cricket on the streets! With time, due to marriage, job, studies, and other reasons, it is not always possible to stay with our siblings. When they move out of the country, or you move away to a different city, you can’t see each other’s face for months. But you can surely always stay connected with them with your gestures.

Initiate a Video Call Randomly – With the advancement of technology, it’s not that time anymore when you have to wait for them to come and see your face. You can facetime them anytime or initiate a video call using many applications available online. Tell them about your work and ask about them and their family. It will really mean a lot!

Send them Letter – Pen down all your feelings and express your undying love because a letter is a classic gesture and it says it all. Nothing will make your siblings happier than receiving a letter from you in their mailbox. You can also attach a silver rakhi or any other rakhi if you are sending the letter near Raksha Bandhan.

A Small Gift – A gift from time to time can keep any relationship alive forever. Your token of appreciation speaks louder than words. Send your siblings any memorable gift as gifting is very easy nowadays with the help of many online gifting portals. Choose a great gift for your sibling and send it straight at their doorstep.

Sing a Poem – Don’t worry if you aren’t a poet! All you need to do is try and write something poetic for your brother or sister and then sing it out to them over the call. You are surely in for some claps and chuckles. It will bring back some memories from childhood as well and will bring a wide smile on your and your sibling’s face.

Surprise Visit – Well, this one’s surely the best gesture on the list, and your sibling will definitely love to see your face any day of the year. Just go with a bunch of flowers and knock at their door saying “surprise flower delivery,” when they open the door. And hand them the flower and hug them tightly. The reaction will be priceless.

Well, these are a few great gestures that can help you in making your siblings feel special on any occasion or without occasion as well. Always stay in touch with them because they have been there for you since the beginning, whether it was to enjoy indoor games or to save you from the scolding of parents. So, always make them the happiest with your delightful gestures or presents and let them know that you are here for them no matter what!

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