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How to Prevent Your Clothing From Smelling Like Weed

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you already use weed, you must not mind the smell. But you probably don’t want to go around reeking of the stuff. It’s the same thing with food. You wouldn’t appreciate having the smell of last night’s dinner all over you.

The other issue is the people around you. Just because you like weed doesn’t mean the people around you do, especially when you’re in public. Many people will find the smell offensive.

But there’s always a way around most things, and as strong as pot’s odor is, you can prevent it from seeping into your clothes.

Here are easy ways of getting rid of weed odor from your clothing:

Wash with Powerful Boosters

If you smoke weed, it’s going to be difficult to avoid the smell from getting into your clothes. But you can get rid of that smell with powerful scented detergents.

You don’t necessarily have to soak the clothes, just add a few drops of your favorite laundry booster into the washer, and it should take care of the odor.

If you’d like our suggestion, Borax and OxiClean are two common products people go for to remove unpleasant smells from their clothes.

For those seeking a gentle yet effective laundry detergent to ensure garments remain odor-free, especially for sensitive individuals, consider exploring options from Clean People.

Smoke in an Open Area

The consequences that still surround weed make it almost second nature to want to smoke your joints in seclusion. You’ll find that most people smoke indoors for various reasons.

But if you’re in a position to enjoy your stash in an open area where there are no restrictions, do so instead of smoking indoors.

An open area allows the smoke to blow with the wind, unlike an enclosed space that keeps the smoke trapped in the area. However, if you’re indoors, make sure the space is ventilated or smoke by the window.

Body Spray

A strong body spray can neutralize the smell of cannabis. You should spray yourself right after using weed or if you feel your clothes have caught the smell.

The only downside to body spray is that it may not be able to mask cannabis odor if your clothes have been exposed to the smell for a while.

On the other hand, a good perfume should successfully eliminate any lingering odor because of the high concentration.

It’d be great if you could air out your clothes before applying cologne or spray.

Use a Clothesline

Many people prefer machine-drying when doing laundry because it’s super convenient and saves you a lot of time. But when you need your clothing to remain odorless, the old-school clothesline is your best bet.

Hang your clothes out in the sun, and they won’t just dry, but the sunlight and wind will clear out the smell.

If the weather isn’t sunny, don’t worry. So long as there’s no precipitation, all you need is the wind.

Burn Incense

Incense sticks tend to have a strong fragrance, and the best part is that the fragrance can cling to clothes, much like the cannabis smell.

Try burning incense in the same area you’ve used to smoke weed to counter the less pleasant smell.

Remember, not all incense sticks will have a similar effect. The same goes for deodorants. You may have to try out a few and see which fragrance works best at masking weed smell.

Avoid Smoking Weed

Smoking cannabis is absolutely not recommended if you wish to avoid having that distinctive smell on your clothes.

However, there are other ways of ingesting weed besides smoking. You could try edibles since the brands that make them remove cannabis odor from their products to avoid compromising other ingredients.

Other alternatives you could try are dabbing and vaping. Basically, with dab rigs and vape pens, you inhale the vapor, which doesn’t smell quite as harsh as smoke.

Final Thoughts

Despite the many laws that are changing how we view cannabis, the drug is still federally illegal. That legal status and the fact that not everyone is comfortable around the drug makes the smell of weed a huge downside.

Getting rid of the smell doesn’t just make you comfortable around people, you also get to avoid unpleasant situations. This post focuses on preventing your clothing from smelling like weed.

It would help if you also looked into more ways of eliminating cannabis smell from other things besides your person.

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