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Leading at the Fishing Hole: Frank Kuri’s Passion for the Outdoors

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Frank Kuri is dedicated to building strong teams, mentoring the next generation of leaders, and proving himself a man of experience and excellence. But that isn’t all there is to Frank. Outside the office, the boardroom, and the rush and bustle of the city is where Frank shows his passion for the outdoors, where the hush of nature overrides the hurry of downtown. This is where the sighing of a lazy river is louder than the click-clack of the keyboard, and the wide-open sky is brighter than the LEDs over the boardroom table.

Outdoors is where Frank can show his passion for pursuits that helped him become the leader and mentor he is today.

Leadership and Nature

When Frank isn’t setting an example of what a true leader looks like, he’s baiting his hook, tossing his line, and waiting for the fish to bite. Fishing, hiking, and soaking up the sun are parts of Frank few see behind the suits and business acumen. Embracing the peace of open water, the thrill of catching even a single fish, and exalting the day’s catch make fishing a passion for Frank.

There’s more than just the relaxation and triumph that comes with fishing and catching; there is also the challenge, the exploring of new fishing holes, the discovery of new places to fish and adventure, where few others have tread. And that love of the challenge and discovery is one of the reasons Frank is the leader he is.

If a man can face down the brutality and fickleness of nature, he can face any challenge laid before him—whether prepared or not. Learning to think on your feet, to meet the moment, and to determine you will win are all a part of the leadership experience. Not only that, but spending time in nature is also about respecting it, taking responsibility for what you do and how you act, and leaving behind only a positive experience. In truth, the outdoors and true leadership are mirror images of one another.

Leadership and Fishing

Being prepared is critical to a successful fishing trip. Before the sun rises, Frank is up organizing his gear, ensuring he has everything he needs for the day ahead. There is danger in being unprepared, just as there is in being a leader without the experience, skills, and dedication to lead men and women who are looking to him for advice, insight, and feedback. Adapting to changing situations like weather and rising rivers is all part of the fishing experience, just like skillfully juggling the demands, needs, and requirements of projects, collaborations, and looming deadlines.

For Frank, it isn’t about catching the fish as much as it is about the preparation, the hiking to the ideal fishing spot, the chance to study the fish’s behavior, and learning which bait to use for each circumstance. Fishing is more than baiting a hook and waiting for the fish to bite. It is a science—strategy and critical thinking that goes into it. Fishing is a sport for a reason.

Like leadership, fishing requires learning which bait works best for which fish, discovering the ideal direction and place for fishing, patience to wait for the fish to bite, and then finally reeling in the catch and sharing it with your family. To lead, a leader must know what works and what doesn’t for each person in a team. The leader must know which direction will lead them to a complete objective.

A leader must have the patience and understanding that what worked before might not work in every instance, and that adapting while on the move is essential to achieving the objective. A leader knows that once the goal is reached, the victory should be shared with the team—those who have put in the work, strengthening one another, and growing to be the individuals of perseverance and dedication that reflect the leader who worked beside them.

Without Frank Kuri’s passion for the outdoors, his passion for leadership wouldn’t have the impact that ripples across everything he does.

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