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Minimax OneU Novec 1230 Server Rack Fire Suppression

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

A data center fire may not start with servers but from other components like UPS cabinets, power distribution units or high voltage equipment such as generators. Clean agent fire suppression solutions should always be considered to mitigate such threats to keep data centers operating at maximum capacity and safely. Rack mounted clean agent systems may be an ideal way to fulfill your data center’s cleaning needs. These “plug and play” installations can easily be set up within your data center and activated with just a signal from your fire alarm panel. These systems may be more effective than traditional fire extinguishers because they can cover an entire cabinet instead of only targeting individual servers. Furthermore, unlike ordinary suppression systems which conduct electricity back towards the flames when activated, such systems don’t conduct electricity back towards it and thus causing potential electrical equipment damage when discharged.

Minimax OneU rack mount fire suppression system employs Novec 1230, an inert carbon-based chemical which effectively combats fire while remaining safe for your data center, people, and the environment. Novec 1230 works to combat flames by absorbing their heat while cutting oxygen supply – effectively extinguishing it!

Air sampling smoke detectors are designed to quickly identify developing fires even in the busiest parts of your data center, even without proper ventilation. When these sensors detect smoke particles, they signal control electronics to initiate both pre-alarm states and main alarm states; when fire occurs, however, controllers activate seven pounds of Novec 1230 clean agent gas into the protected area to extinguish it without leaving behind any residue or smoke residues.

Novec 1230 fire suppression systems provide complete installations with detectors, control units, agent storage cylinders and piping all included. Computer calculations ensure that the entire system will activate within 10 seconds of detecting fire, helping to minimize damages and downtime caused by fires. It also comes equipped with the 3M Blue Sky warranty to offer added peace of mind regarding its environmental impacts, ODP/GWP ratios and global warming potential (GWP). Higher pressure 725 psi systems allow for smaller pipe diameters and longer pipe runs, freeing up floor space previously taken up by tanks while decreasing installation costs significantly – an invaluable advantage in tight data centers where every square foot counts.

In conclusion, Minimax OneU Novec 1230 server rack fire suppression system provides a comprehensive solution for on-demand IT support, offering protection, environmental safety and enhanced cost-efficiency. Along with maximum performance and dependability, it also has the added benefit of being simple to install and clean.

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