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The Significance of Faith in Action and the Spirit of Generosity

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Faith is a precious gift that Andrea Jaeger has embraced with unwavering devotion. Yet, her path to faith was unique, characterized by minimal church attendance during her childhood. This curiosity arose, especially considering that many of her friends and their families were regular churchgoers. The primary reason for her family’s infrequent church visits was their demanding work schedules. Nestled in the vibrant city of Chicago, her family owned and operated a bustling restaurant and lounge, with weekends being the busiest. There were nights when they returned home in the early morning hours. Despite these constraints, Andrea’s bond with her sisters was pivotal in nurturing her faith.

A Family Steeped in Faith

While formal church attendance was not a fixture in her upbringing, her parents and siblings instilled in her the values of compassion toward others, respect for animals, and a deep reverence for the environment. Her parents leaned on the sisters to look after each other while they toiled away at work. During a hide-and-seek game, a seven-year-old Andrea stumbled upon an old photograph hidden in a closet.

The photograph depicted a newborn baby’s face marred by severe swelling, disfigurement, and bruises. At that age, she couldn’t fully comprehend what she was seeing. Initially mistaking it for another baby, one of her sisters clarified that the baby in the picture was, in fact, Andrea herself. This discovery left an indelible impression on her.

Prioritizing One’s Inner Self

Subsequently, it was revealed that complications arose during her birth, necessitating the use of forceps and suction to deliver her safely. The haunting image captured her initial state, and her wounds would heal with time. The profound lesson she gleaned from this experience was the importance of nurturing her inner self. It became evident that one’s external appearance was only part of the equation, and faith occupied a pivotal space within her inner being.

Challenges Along the Path of Actionable Faith

Nevertheless, embracing actionable faith came with its set of challenges. Jaeger’s life motto, “Suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us; the worst is disobedience to God,” has been her guiding light, urging her to carry her faith wherever she goes.

“To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required”

Andrea Jaeger has embodied actionable faith throughout her life. This profound faith led her to establish a children’s cancer foundation, a mission she embarked on during her professional tennis career and continues to champion today. Her endeavors have given rise to numerous award-winning programs, such as “Field of Dreams Meets Little Star.” Her unwavering commitment revolves around uniting individuals with resources to support those in need. Her approach is anchored in listening, receiving, serving, understanding, and giving back—a gratifying journey borne out of actionable faith.

A Beacon of Inspiration for Others

Through her tireless efforts, including supporting orphanages, hospitals, schools, and shelters, Andrea Jaeger and the Little Star Foundation seek to inspire others to channel their faith into benevolent actions. The positive impact of her foundation’s work is poised to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

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