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Digital Assistant: 7 Travel-Friendly Apps for Your Device

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Modern travelers are incredibly lucky, because now it is much easier to organize a trip than 20-30 years ago. Mobile applications will help in almost any matter – they will find tickets, Wi-Fi spots, translate incomprehensible names, choose a museum and restaurant, as well as save scanned documents.

And if you are looking for a car with the possibility of Enterprise rental car cancellation, then this is not a problem at all – just download the necessary application and enjoy the road trip.

The following applications will be very useful for travelers, so check them out and maybe a few of them you download to your smartphone…

  1. iReady Trip

Do you constantly forget to put sun cream or swimming suit in your suitcase? The iReady Trip app will solve this problem. Its trick is that it helps to prepare for the trip, namely to collect all the necessary things.

By default, lists of more than 250 items are provided, which are divided into categories of recreation – from the beach to the hike, and according to packaging options – from a suitcase to a backpack. Also, iReady Trip tells you the necessary number of things depending on the duration of the trip – five pairs of socks for five days, and so on.

Absolutely all categories and lists are editable – you can add new items. Having created several options for yourself and your family once – and on the next trips you pack your bags according to them. You see, it’s very convenient.


  1. Tripomatic

This travel application can do a lot. However, its main function is to plan a travel route by day, hour, or even minute.

Your task is to choose the dates of the trip, the sights that you want to visit and the duration of their exploring. After that you get a detailed plan of activities for the whole trip. In addition to the time of inspection, the app will also provide the time required to move between points.

Lists of recommendations contain a huge number of the most interesting places around the world. In the paid premium version, all the maps are available offline. In addition, through the application you can book a car or a hotel room, pre-pay excursions and other tourist services.


  1. One Two Trip

The application doesn’t need a special presentation for modern travelers, but it’s impossible not to classify it as a must-have service.

The best deals on flights, hotel reservations, train tickets – with One Two Trip everything is in your pocket. What’s more, there’s quite an interesting bonus system that allows you to reduce travel costs.


  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular rental service that allows you to rent housing directly from the owner, avoiding all kinds of realtors. Today, more than 600,000 options are available in 34 thousand cities around the world.

Before booking, you can contact the owner and clarify all the details, see photos and a description of the accommodation, and most importantly reviews of other guests.

Want to rent out your house? No problem, this service will also help you with this. Place an ad and accept or reject applications from potential guests directly from your mobile device.



It’s very hard to travel around an unfamiliar city without maps. However, the usual online options in international roaming will be a pretty expensive. The solution is simple – use offline maps. is a high-detail map service that doesn’t require an Internet connection after downloading the corresponding package. The maps of the application cover 345 countries and islands in the world.

Cafes, restaurants, museums, hospitals and dozens of other categories – will help you find it all. Also, the function of creating a route from the current location is available.


  1. AZBO Audio Tour

By installing this application on your smartphone, you will receive a personal audio guide that helps you to explore all the sights and tells some information about them.

All you need to start a tour is to choose a city, determine the route and time that you have. The guide will tell not only about all well-known objects, but also about the smallest ones, which are known only to locals.


  1. Seatguru

This is a valuable application for those who pay great attention to comfort during the flight and likes to think through all the details. By checking out flight number, the program displays the plan of the aircraft, indicating the available seats and allows you to choose the right one – this way you can avoid seats in the tail of the aircraft and non-reclining seats.

At the same time, SeatGuru provides a database of major airlines around the world with detailed information on the aircraft operated with lists of additional services on board.

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