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Festive family holiday reunions with private jet travel

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Have you ever tried to book a commercial flight around a major holiday period, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year? If you have, you’ll know that availability and excessive costs are your biggest enemy. A flight that you’ve taken a dozen times in the past can suddenly cost more than a first-class intercontinental ticket, making you think that you might be better off staying home and spending the holidays alone.

Holiday times can lead to overcrowding in airports, long lines, and can even raise health and safety issues due to the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, the holiday season comes at a time, especially in the northern hemisphere, of unfavorable weather conditions like, snow, ice, and blizzards which can delay flights or even close airports completely. None of which adds any extra cheer to the holidays. So how do you avoid it all?

The answer is to travel by private jet, eliminating long airport queues, and any risk to your health, safety, and wellbeing. Before you say, “Sure, but how much does it cost to travel by private jet?”, you might be better off first checking out the advantages and savings afforded by private jet travel.

Let’s take a closer look.

Avoiding the airport

If you’ve ever had to pass through a major airport during a holiday period you’ll fully appreciate the opportunity to travel by private jet. All you want to do is to get home and enjoy a nice leisurely time with family and friends, or escape to the mountains or sea and avoid the whole season completely. Take one step inside an airport in the days leading up to the holidays and the idea of peace, joy, and goodwill to all men will quickly slip from your mind.

When you travel on a private jet, you have your own private airport, with no queues, no long lines at passport and security control, no crowded restaurants and bars, and most importantly, no risk to your health and safety. In the US it’s estimated that as many as 85 million people could this year pass through the country’s airports for Christmas alone – wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that?

Add a global pandemic to the equation and you can fully understand the appeal of using a private jet charter company to take you and your family to wherever you want to be. Together with avoiding the queues and the crowded spaces those who choose private jet luxury travel can complete all necessary pre-departure formalities in just minutes instead of hours.

Make your own schedule

With private jet travel time is yours. Instead of being limited by commercial airline schedules, private jet hire allows you to create your own personal schedule. You don’t have to worry about seat availability, onboard catering,  or anything else. A really good private jet charter company will even help you build your personalized itinerary and get the most out of every minute over the holiday period.

Even if your plans change at the last minute, a good private jet charter company will be there to help accommodate those changes with a single phone call. The holiday period is a special time, whether that means visiting Granma in Kentucky, taking to the mountains in Aspen, or soaking up the sun in Florida, a private jet can get you there quicker, in your own time, and can even deliver you to the nearest airport or landing strip, meaning you get to make the most of every second.

You choose the destination

What’s the point in taking a scheduled flight across the country only to have more wasted hours stuck in traffic to get you to your final destination. Major airports aren’t always located close to where we want to go for the holidays, that’s why a good private jet charter company can offer you up to 5,000 private US airports that are accessible to private aircraft. In direct comparison, there are less than 400 US airports available for scheduled airlines.

According to the OurAirports website, practically every US state has a huge range of public airports, airfields, and private landing strips – California (2,074), Colorado (566), New Jersey (457), New York (734), Florida (1,153), and even the country’s smallest state, Rhode Island, boasts over 40 airports. That gives you a lot more flexibility with your travel plans.

Comfort, style, and safety

For many, private jet travel prices may seem out of their league. But, when you consider the factors regarding time saved, the huge choice of airports, the lack of crowds and long lines, and the privacy, safety, comfort, and elegance offered by private jet hire, it makes sense. And don’t forget, when you hire a private jet, the price covers everyone traveling, whether that’s one person or six people.

If you’re a busy executive and you want to relax and make the most of your free time over the holiday season, your vacation starts the moment you book your private jet. A good charter company will take care of all the details regarding schedules, itinerary, safety, and even catering onboard, leaving you to simply show up at the FBO’s (fixed-base operator) departure lounge. From there on in everything is in their hands and you’re free to begin your well-deserved vacation.

Depending on the aircraft you’ve booked, and the number of family and friends traveling with you, private jet cabins are designed for comfort. You won’t have the same luggage restrictions as scheduled airlines, you can bring your pets, order your own pre-set menu, and some private jets even have beds onboard. Or, how about getting the holiday mood into full swing before you even arrive at your destination with drinks and food onboard.

Choose an experienced broker

Is affordable private travel a reality?

Surprisingly, private jet group travel has never been so popular with so many people. From high-net-worth individuals to families and friends who want to spend quality time together, many people have come to realize that time is a far more important commodity than money, and private jet travel is the best way to utilize that time to perfection.

If private jet travel is something you aspire to, your first port of call should be the offices of an experienced private jet charter company. Long-established, and highly experienced charter brokers have spent years building up the contacts, networks, and partnerships that allow them to easily arrange even the most complicated of itineraries. Additionally, they can use their knowledge to save you money by suggesting the right aircraft and the right destinations.

Is private jet travel tax deductible? Can you bring your pets onboard? How about a special menu or any additional onboard equipment? Regardless of your questions, an experienced broker can quickly give you all the answers.

Some people think that booking a private jet without the help of a charter company might be less expensive. However, due to its complicated nature, private jet charters are almost impossible to manage successfully without the assistance of a charter company. They possess the knowledge that can save you money in the long run, and ensure that what was meant to be a super special occasion turns out exactly like that.

With so much experience behind them, a reliable charter company is prepared for any eventually and ready to act to rectify the situation immediately and make sure that your holiday celebrations remain on track.

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