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Taking a Swim at the Most Magical Place on Earth: A Ranking of Disney World Hotel Pools

Swimming is good for your health, but it’s also a “splashingly” fun type of entertainment. It even becomes more exhilarating when you can swim at a Disney World resort. The hotels at the popular vacation destination are home to some of the best pools in the world to escape, relax, or have a good time.

These pools feature different environments, all holding Disney’s gift for providing people with the ultimate type of getaway. Like Disney World itself, pools are themed and have their unique characteristics.

Therefore, your experiences at Disney will go beyond just seeing the sights or riding the rides. It will also include the times you spend at one of Disney’s best hotel pools.

For an in-depth exploration of water activities beyond magical pools, Splash Sports offers a wealth of information on a variety of aquatic sports suitable for all ages.

Everyone Loves Disney Resort Pools

Before you peek at the best pools Disney offers, it’s important to note that these pools are designed for people of all ages. Both kids and adults love lounging by or swimming in these glistening and magical watery oases.

You’ll find all the pools situated right inside the Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, which border Orlando. If you stay at a resort hotel, expect high-level services that match those of 3 or 4-star rated properties. Pool areas, therefore, feature amenities such as lounge areas, play areas for kids, and hot tubs.

Also, each pool described herein, and other pools at Disney are super-sized. Therefore, you won’t feel scrunched while swimming or relaxing and can enjoy your own space. This is especially important today, given that hotels and other businesses must adhere to COVID-19 social distancing policies.

The Benefits of Zero-Access

When describing the pools below, note that some are zero-entry pools. These pools are also referred to as beach access pools or walk-in pools because they replicate walking into the water at a beach locale. Instead of the more traditional ladders or stairs, these pools feature a natural slope for pool entry.

10 Top Featured Disney World Swimming Pools

When choosing a Disney World resort hotel, it helps to look at the featured pools at a Disney World property. The following listing will help you make up your mind about where to stay during your Disney visit.

1. The 2 Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Pools: The Beach Pool and the Courtyard Pool

If you’re staying at the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney, you’ll enjoy each pool offered at the facility. Where you choose to swim or relax will depend on whether you want more splashes and fun or prefer peace and quiet.

While you can give way to random play at the resort’s Beach Pool, the Courtyard Pool will be a pleasant and serene retreat.

For example, the Beach Pool at the resort features a water slide and splash-landing pad, with the slide spanning about 180 feet. So, if you feel more active and wish to cool off on a warm and humid day, you’ll love spending some family time or even cooling yourself off at the Beach Pool.

Otherwise, if you’re seeking some quiet time, the Courtyard Pool, previously the resort’s main pool, is the place to go.

You’ll love the calming environment of this pool location, which stays open until later at night (11:00 pm). If you’ve spent a long day visiting the park attractions and want a quick swim in the best property hotel pools at the day’s end, you’ll find the Courtyard Pool an accommodating choice.

Unlike other quiet pools, the Courtyard Pool also provides zero access – a very gentle way to get into the water at the end of a busy day.

2. The Jambo House Lodge’s Uzima Pool in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“Uzima” means “fitness,” so the Uzima Pool is aptly named. Located outside the Jambo House Lodge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the pool offers plenty of room to swim and get fit. This tropical swimming pool even includes animal viewing areas. Seeing the nearby flamingos will make you feel like you’re on holiday.

The pool, which holds almost 235,00 gallons of water, also features a water slide that runs for 67 feet. A pool bar and hot spas add to the watery ambiance. Enjoy a nice soak in a tub under the shade of tropical foliage.

3. The Art of Animation Resort’s Cozy Cone Swimming Pool

While the Art of Animation Resort at Disney offers the Flippin’ Fins Pool and Big Blue Pool for swimming and relaxing, top billings go to the Cozy Cone Pool (which will get a facelift in April 2022).

As the name suggests, the pool features cones, which are cabanas, making the pool an exciting location to find some shade. Because the cabanas offer plenty of room to escape from the sun’s intense rays, you and your family can spend the day underneath this unique type of “umbrella.”. You’ll find the pool in the “Cars” area of the resort.

Therefore, as you might guess, the pool sits among Disney “Cars” characters, such as Mater, Doc, and Sally. When you’re not blissfully enjoying the shade, you can dive into the pool and enjoy a different kind of bliss. The pool, which holds approximately 75,000 gallons of water, gives you plenty of room to swim, play games, and stay cool while on holiday.

4. The Copper Creek Springs Swimming Pool at the Wilderness Lodge

Unlike some of the other pools at Disney World, the Copper Creek Springs pool is notably smaller. However, that does not mean it is lacking in imagination and innovation.

The “springs,” in this case, start in the lobby of the hotel. The creek water flows over rock and past cascades, leading to the pool’s water slide. Spanning 67 feet, the slide is installed between large boulders.

The pool area features the “creek” pool, a play area, and two jacuzzis.

The Fire Rock Geyser, seen from the pool as well, erupts every hour from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm daily.

5. The Port Orleans Resort’s Ol’ Man Island Pool at Riverside

Imagine arriving at a once-used sawmill. However, this mill also features a lovely pool and a waterslide, 95-feet long, integrated into the theme. Tall shade-giving pines stand over the tadpole designed for the kids next door.

You can get into the pool area by crossing three timber bridges. Ol’ Man Island also offers guests a catch-and-release fishing spot and hammocks that serve as a nice retreat for daydreaming, napping, and savoring a soft, warm breeze.

6. The Riviera Resort Swimming Pool

Who needs to travel to Europe when you can escape to the Riviera Resort swimming pool at Disney World?

The pool, which features a spiral water slide, and twists around a columned tower, offers adult swimmers a sophisticated decor highlighted by a European architectural design.

Children love to glide down the waterslides featured at S’il Vous Play, where characters from the film “Fantasia” add color and splash to the European-themed environment.

7. The Fuentes del Morro Pool at the Caribbean Beach Disney World Resort

This colonial Spanish-themed pool area is named for a Spanish fortress. Kids like climbing the fort’s turrets to access the two water slides. In addition, the pool features cannons that fire thin streams of water and zero-access entry.

Ahoy matey! You’ll also find a pirate-themed splash pad at the pool site. The pool, designed for young and old swashbucklers alike, is made for adventure seekers.

8. The Coronado Springs Resort Hotel’s Lost City of Cibola Swimming Pool

Located at the Dig Site at the Coronado Springs Resort Hotel, the Mayan-themed Lost City of Cibola pool is as impressive as fun. The pool area is expansive, but it also features a water wall with the water stream flowing over a large brick and stepped pyramid.

Thrillseekers will thrill at hurling away their cares down the approximately 120-foot water slide, while those who prefer pampering can spend time in one of the pool’s two hot tubs. The site also features a kid’s pool, a beach-type volleyball court, an Iguana arcade, and a Siesta Pool bar.

9. Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Lava Swimming Pool

The Lava Pool is highly popular among guests at the Polynesian Resort. Its large deck and seating area, along with its Tiki play area and infinity hot tub, are large draws for singles, couples, and families.

Naturally, you wouldn’t expect a pool named “Lava” not to feature a volcano. Therefore, the Lava Pool features a volcano – one that kids can climb that leads to an approximately 140-foot water slide.

The pool, which offers one of the best views of Disney World, sits across from the Magic Kingdom on the Seven Seas Lagoon inside the park.

10. The Stormalong Bay Pool at the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts

Both the Beach and Yacht Club resorts are connected by the boardwalk – each of which shares the small mini-park area of Stormalong Bay. In the middle of the park sits the longest waterslide at Disney World and a zero-access pool with a sandy bottom.

The zero-access pool and shipwrecked waterslide and a featured “lazy” river, lounge chairs, and whirlpool spas make a day at the pool a memorable Disney World adventure.

Plan a Pool Holiday at Disney World – Starting Now

As you can see, a trip to Disney World is more than visiting Disney World attractions. It also includes setting time aside to relax or play at the pool. Therefore, when you plan a Disney holiday, look at the pools first. That will also help you decide where to stay.


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