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7 Ways to Make Your Instagram Content More Interesting

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Instagram is constantly changing and evolving. Consequently, it would help if you always reinvented yourself. The most recent Instagram updates have increased competition and given the platform more options for creativity and originality.

It’s a constant juggling act to publish at the right moment, interact immediately, and think of fresh ideas to beat the algorithm. You don’t have to change what works for you, but it’s always a good idea to experiment with some new Instagram posts and Stories if you need additional inspiration to rev up your strategy. Here are some of the exciting post concepts for your Instagram brand account that would make your content more interesting and attractive.

1 Take part in popular challenges

Taking part in popular challenges is one of the best ways to attract a large number of audiences. It will bring your content upwards as it can be found when someone searches for the ongoing challenge or its hashtag. This may occur on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. You decide how frequently you wish to take on the challenge. You’ll need to either research already-existing challenges or come up with one that makes sense for your brand in order to carry this out.

Another option for brands is to select a photo challenge structure that invites your audience to take part and share their interpretations. You may also add original Instagram hashtags to increase interest in your challenge. If you wish to use the challenge to expand your brand, you can select impressions as the objective. Impressions are the total number of times a post promoting your business appears on either your account or another participant’s account. You can obtain a ton of impressions since participants will post something pertinent and tag your account or a branded hashtag.

2 Make posts enjoyable by putting ‘before-after’ posts

There are many various ways to upload photographs on Instagram, so you aren’t restricted to just one image in every post. Using Instagram’s slideshow tool, you can upload up to 10 images, videos, or Boomerangs at once.

Slideshows are among the most inventive ways to share content on Instagram, mainly when you include stunning before-and-after images to maximize the shock factor. This method works well for getting new hairstyles, fixing things, losing weight, changing the weather, making overs, and renovating. You can also focus on minor detailing using the same camera position and editing techniques on both shots for a genuinely stunning before and after effect.

3 Narrate stories

You may now tag other users on Instagram Stories with a link that takes you to their profiles. This function is used frequently by Instagram users to highlight their favorite accounts. Some people are making it worthwhile for viewers to click on that link. The pair in the video mentioned above leveraged their respective audiences to increase the number of followers of the other.

They shared a 10-part short film over the period of five days, switching between each other’s stories. The dramatic cliffhangers at the end of each segment made it necessary for viewers to switch to the other segment to see how things turned out. Even if you lack the drive to create a full short film, try collaborating with a friend to make the most of your Instagram Story. You both increase your following while offering two distinct accounts of the same event—a fantastic storytelling technique. This will definitely help you to get more Instagram likes and views on your post.

4 Taking interviews

This is a creative approach to the social media takeover notion and a wonderful option for people who are afraid to give a stranger control of their virtual accounts. Use Stories to hold Q&A sessions with visitors. Asking your followers for questions and responding to them in a new Story will increase engagement by adding a new level. Let followers know when to anticipate interviews being posted and who you’ll be interviewing in order to create anticipation for this. Using the question sticker, you may live broadcast it to provide some variety.

5 streaming instructive videos in real time

There are so many approaches to a Live video that the best one for your brand actually depends on you. The most popular Live video strategies are interviewing people and streaming events. By producing an educational Live video, alter expectations. You can also use the answers to questions in the interactive how-to video.

Also, you need to ensure that someone else is handling the phone so they can read through the remarks and inquiries. If your account is currently active, a second person would be very helpful for moderation.

6 Use Boomerang

Boomerangs may appear absurd initially, but a skillfully crafted loop can captivate readers and keep them reading your article. The ideal Boomerangs are movements that have a clear beginning and end and appear great when they are rewound. Jumping into the water, performing a cool athletic action, being in a crowded place, dancing, or taking a selfie with an animated face are examples of classic Boomerangs.

If you click the camera symbol in the top left corner of your screen, you can access the Boomerang feature and make a Boomerang without having to download an app. Instead of uploading your video to your Story, choose the Boomerang option at the bottom of the screen, make your video, and then save it to your camera roll. You can upload it to your feed at that point.

7 Post tutorials

Instagram actually could only be used for something content-heavy after the advent of the slideshow. Complex posts, however, might become the new norm now that several photographs can be included in a single post. For instance, attempt to create a thorough instructional video utilizing a combination of text, video, collages, and still photographs can be one of the best ways to post tutorials. Simple actions may only require a single image, whereas more complicated procedures may also contain video explanations and can be used as an explanatory video. These tutorial videos are nowadays very trendy and are quite liked by the audiences.


You must unquestionably make use of Instagram’s fantastic posting options. Some will be simple to implement, while others may require some advanced planning. To keep your audience actively engaged, you should regularly provide new material to your account so that your audiences’s interest can be attracted towards your content.. Therefore, learning how to make your Instagram profile stand out will make you proud to display it!

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