Android Trojan Stealing Millions of Twitter Passwords

Millions of Android users are facing a ‘Twitter Crisis’ this evening, and users are unknowingly handing over their passwords to a trojan-horse virus hack this evening.

The trojan horse Twitter app on Android devices appears as if it has currently locked out users and are not allowing users to access their Twitter news feeds.

Screenshot of Twitter Trojan Horse
Screenshot of Twitter Trojan Horse

Some users complained that they were mid tweet when the system kicked them out and prompted the users to enter their credentials. This technique is a hallmark of the trojan horse creation group known as the Knights of Beijing.

Users that reentered their credentials were unwittingly supplying the hacker group with the password. They were then met with another prompt that stated ‘An error occurred when logging in, try again at a later time’

The cyber security group RealSecureTechnology, Inc reported that the data is being routed to Asia through North Korea, but it is not yet clear if North Korea is the intended destination, or just a “red herring” decoy.

Check back for updates on this breaking story.

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