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Camcorder vs Camera – Which is best for Skateboard videos?

Skateboarding emerged in the 1960s and 1970s in California as a desire that surfers could practice out of the water and with a similar style. As an urban sport, it has grown substantially in recent years, accompanied by people’s skills to slide and maneuver on the skateboard.

Transmitting these skills to the world is possible with cameras and video cameras that allow each image, splendor, and professionalism of the athlete to be captured. Both technological devices can offer and satisfy the consumer, but which of them will be the most convenient to record epic moments in Skateboarding?

What is Camcorder?

The portable camcorder began its legacy with the first model in its class called the Portapack (Sony DV-2400). The devices work as image and sound recorders in a single content (you don’t need as much equipment). Its qualities allowed it to become a great travel companion for people, both for its prices and for the quality they offer.

Evolution over time has been giving camcorders better features and, with it, smaller size with each new model. The high resolutions, capacities, and perfection in the other senses position it in the most used devices, such as in vlogs.


  • Camcorders can record videos in Full HD (1920×1080) or 4K, accompanied by ISO sensitizers.
  • They have a good zoom, lens set, and recording formats: AVCHD or HDV.
  • Contains recording media on HDD, tape, or SD card, along with HDMI connections, computers, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.
  • May have external microphone inputs, with stands and extendable battery.
  • They have effective touch screens, EIS technology, and different capture modes.


  • They are very versatile (they record videos, photographs, can be complemented with other media) in the most professional way, with high resolution and image stability.
  • Audio is crisp and clear.
  • Thanks to their small size, lightness, and resistance, they are ideal for trips, vlogs, or any extreme sport.
  • The LCD screen is used to reproduce in real-time that the recording goes perfectly.
  • Wireless connectivity enhance camcorder capabilities.

Camcorder vs Camera  Which is best for Skateboard videos?

Camcorders are far superior for the field of recordings, especially when it comes to Skateboarding which is an extreme sport. In contrast, cameras are specialized in photography and do not have the best advantages for recording sequential images of such intensity.

The size, lightness, and easy assembly of the camcorders allow generating quality videos for the genre despite being small. The GoPro Hero 9, Rosdeka 4K, Sauleoo 4K, Canon Vixia HF R800, and Sony Handycam FDR-AX700 are some of the recommended camcorders.


Skateboarding ends up being a sport that not many practices due to its complexity, but thanks to these skate cameras it is possible to transmit them to different places. It does not matter if it is night or day. You can find infinite options that guarantee perfect results that manage to capture the tricks that make up the different figures and pirouettes. In the networks, there are more and more videos displayed in this style and are full of art in all its splendor and parkour.

The sensations caused by watching a high-quality video and promoting such a phenomenal and admirable sport cause many to encourage them to practice or support it. Even the small sizes that camcorders have to make it easier for them to be placed on the skateboard or helmet, making a more authentic version in the first person.


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