What are the benefits of an online degree – and what do they show employers?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Education is key if you are looking to break into your chosen career or move up the career ladder. While you might get a job without higher education, certain industries will demand a degree to enter and others ask for them to work at senior levels. As a result, many people choose to study for a degree and eliminate these issues.

One way of studying for your degree is via an online course. Popular examples of these courses include a masters in manufacturing engineering from Kettering University. This top-level university is known for being a true innovator around online learning and is consistently ranked as one of the best US universities each year. For these reasons, you might start to think about studying online at somewhere like Kettering.

But what benefits does this type of study offer and what will it say to employers?

What are the benefits of an online degree course?

One of the most appealing benefits is the sheer convenience they offer. As you do not need to physically come in for classes, you can study from anywhere in the world and learn when is most suitable for you. The flexible nature of online learning also means that you can fit study in around work, if needs be. Online courses can often come with a lower cost because they are less resource-heavy for institutions.

But what are thecareer benefits of studying online?

High level of knowledge

When you study for a degree online, you are still working to a high level of education – just the same as if you studied a standard full-time course. Employers will understand this and be able to tell that you have the right knowledge for the role. Employers will also believe that you can work to a high level and can thus be trusted to do so within their organization.

Disciplined and good self-motivator

One thing that you need to be when learning online is more disciplined in getting work completed and more self-motivated to perform to your best. This is actually a good thing though, as those skills are highly valued by employers.


One other key skill many employers look for is initiative.Studying a degree online shows that you have this kind ofproactive nature and took it upon yourself to learn something new.If you were an employer looking for ways to find the best business manager, then this sort of skillset is very attractive.

Online degrees come with a range of benefits

There seems little doubt that online study is a way of learning that comes with some unique benefits. As the above shows, this is not only to yourself but also for your future career. Studying online signals certain things to employers and helps set you apart from the crowd. If you have never thought of completing a qualification online before, now might be a good time to reconsider.

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