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At V2 UK you are guaranteed to get the best product there is in the market. Starter kit, E-liquid, Cartridges, Vape mods, Batteries, and Chargers can all be purchased in one go at any V2 Cigs shop.

Having only been established in the year 2012, V2 Cigs has quickly risen up the e-cig market to become one of the most popular brands of e-cig manufacturers in Europe and the UK. In order to achieve this, they ensure that all their products go through all the necessary quality assurance tests and that their services are always reliable.

Best Products

The following are the three most popular products that can be found at any V2 cigs UK store:


V2 E-liquids are the most sought after e-liquids in the market due to the many flavors that they offer their customers. Their e-liquids have been tried and have passed all the purity, strength and flavor tests to ensure that their customers always consume quality products.

V2 e-liquids have also been optimized to with a PG/VG blend to help administer and nice throat kick along with a great taste. These e-liquids are also available in 14 different flavors of which tobacco, mint, menthol, vanilla, chocolate and grape flavors are the most popular.

The V2 platinum E-liquid is the favorite of all the V2 e-liquid types and can also be found in all the 14 flavors available. The best part about the V2 platinum e-liquid is that it can be found in as small as a 10ml bottle, making it affordable for everyone.

V2 Vape mod

The V2 vape mod was designed to revolutionize all e-cigarette types by making vaping more epic and enjoyable. Perhaps its most popular feature is its ability to regulate the amount of vapor inhaled thus controlling the thickness of the smoke produced. This feature has especially been favored by cloud chasers.

Vape mods have also been made user friendly to enable everyone have an easily time using them.

V2 starter Kit

The V2 starter kit is fitted with all the necessary accessories that are meant to make vaping sessions as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Rechargeable batteries, charger, e-liquid cartridges, e-liquids and socket wall mount are some of the awesome accessories that come in a V2 starter kit.

Depending on how much you intend on spending and what you need to purchase V2 cigs UK can be a one stop shop for everything that you need depending on the kit that you select.

As the e-cig market continues to grow, getting genuine products continues to become a challenge as various manufacturers compete to meet customer orders. At V2 UK however, customer satisfaction is their key responsibility which they always ensure is met.

So visit to get your order going on the best V2 product in the market.

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