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4 Games that Offer a Cinematic Experience

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It’s the weekend, and you’ve been looking forward to playing a new video game with all your free time, but also you’re kind of in the mood for a movie or for binging a new TV series. Either one of these endeavors will likely eat up most of the free time you have, so why not do both? Games today are more cinematic than ever, some of which do storytelling better than their film counterparts. Here are a handful of cinematic games you should pick up.

The Last of Us

In a world full of loss, violence, and cities fortified with barricades—like the kind offered at OTW SafetyThe Last of Us manages to create something beautiful. With two games in the series so far, both succeed in pulling at our heartstrings in ways that make us empathize with characters’ anguish and also beam when they find happiness. This post-apocalypse series goes above and beyond in terms of graphics, acting, storytelling, and engaging gameplay. The second game in the series was controversial, to say the least, but it is easily a highly cinematic experience.

Until Dawn

If you’ve got the nerve to make it from beginning to end, Until Dawn is the definitive cinematic horror experience. This Playstation exclusive throws you over half a dozen characters to manage, complete with unique personalities, traits, and goals. But be careful, as the choices you make could have disastrous consequences for each character. Do your best to keep them alive during their stay in a snowy mountain cabin, something eerie begins to take hold of the area. Could it be the wendigo? You’ll have to play it to find out.


Naughty Dog sure knows how to make a game that engrosses players and rewards backseat gamers. While you won’t find any flesh-eating infected within this series, you will take control of adventurer Nathan Drake through four different games. There’s not much here that will remind you of the recent film adaptation (and depending on your taste that may be a good thing) besides the great spectacles that you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon on your journey. With great voice acting and insane graphics, this is a must-own for story gamers.

Grab a Controller or Some Popcorn!

These are some of the most cinematic games that you can get your hands on, but there are loads more out there: Red Dead Redemption, God of War, and Detroit: Become Human, to name a few. Whether you decide to play these games or just watch from the side, you’ll get to experience a story that is as rich and engaging as some of the best films and TV shows—the best of both worlds!


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