Corporate Travel and Management

Travel management is the process of analyzing, keeping track, optimizing and controlling travel-related processes and making sure that the travel experience remains organized. It is a structure put in place by a company to oversee a business trip. Everything from booking, document approval and everything else required for the travel.

The Goal of a Corporate Business Travel

Key factors that play a role in modern travel management are trust, transparency, simplicity and final results. With the current technology that we have, one can say day business-related travels are no longer necessary, as the meeting and the person to talk to can be done via communication services. However, face-to-face interactions with business partners are essential in making new connections and make new opportunities to grow the business. The end goal of any business-related travel is to get things done as fast as possible but comfortably by making sure that the right temporary work environment is provided, a meeting is scheduled appropriately and has an overall pleasant experience while dealing with the business at hand.

Ultimately, the end goal is to provide a pleasant experience for the traveler. Many errors can appear during a business trip. Delayed flights and last-minute changes of plans and the stress of being away from home. Because of this travel organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve and redesign plans and travel policies so that the employee can have a healthier and less-stressful experience while on the road. There has been a growing focus on the well-being of employees. While the prime focus for any business trip is closing deals and boosting productivity, many businesses turn to boost employee productivity and inspire them, leading to new innovative ideas to improve the process.

Using Communication Technology as a Substitute for Corporate Travel

New technologies allow the streamlining of many travel-related processes that required a lot of know-how and specialized tools in the past. Travel management platforms are quicker and a more user-friendly way to manage booking and flight schedules and this can save a lot of time when managing travel programs at the employee can have a healthier and less-stressful experience while on the road. These tools are constantly improving and have reached a point where individual business travelers can book their travel, due to the ease of using these new technologies and allows a more simpler workflow.

Despite being known for their heavy usage of technology, most millennials present in the US workforce think that face-to-face meetings will never be replaced by the use of technology, and they play a major role in paving the way for new business deals and relationships to be made. Video calls, text messages, and regular phone calls are not the same as meeting a colleague or a client in person.

Traveling Experience and Accommodation Options

A business traveler person’s main goals and motivations are to do business as soon as possible and with the most efficiency within a given time frame. Travel decisions are usually made under short notice, making it necessary for arrangements to be made at any time of the day when needed. To maintain a good work-life balance, traveling must be arranged on weekdays rather than weekends, so that the employee has enough time to spend with loved ones. If they must be away for several weeks at a time, meaning they are unable to get back home for the weekend, consider what you can do to make this better. For instance, could you put them up in a hotel that offers extra amenities or resorts that offers golf, swimming, gyms, or casinos and a luxury experience?

A study regarding what attracts business travelers to specific accommodations resulted in many of them saying that access to wifi, distance from the business location, breakfast are some of the important details that influence their decision. The people interviewed came from many different parts of the world such as Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico and, of course, the UK and the USA. Airbnbs and corporate housing are some well-known accommodation choices for travelers on business. Many hotels also have a room designed specifically with the business traveler in mind. Among other necessities, casino resorts offer many accommodations for the average and business travelers alike. Many of these casino resorts are made to include a wide variety of additional recreational activities which makes them a good choice for some downtime while on a business trip.

Casinos are often combined with hotels and other attractions such as restaurants and some of them are known to host many live shows and concerts as well. Alongside these activities, lots of gaming opportunities that can also be enjoyed by business travelers during their stay at the hotel with games ranging from slot games to roulette and many other table games. Many of these casino resorts also feature meeting and conference rooms, environments designed specifically for the business traveler.

A Final Note

Overall, the point of a business trip is to stay connected with business partners as well as forming new connections and meeting clients. The travel experience may also be related to a team-building event to strengthen the relationships between colleagues. Traveling and attending business meetings has the ability to build trust and develop transparency between colleagues and business partners, something that cannot be done simply with a conference or a phone call, therefore, the need to travel will remain an important aspect for businesses around the world and great effort is being put into making travel management more seamless and less stressful for the traveler.

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