Mastering Final Fantasy XIV: Essential Tips for New Adventurers

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Now is the perfect moment to begin your journey in Final Fantasy XIV. The game is very popular and, according to many critics, has left everyone’s favorite WoW behind. To make exploring the world more convenient, we have prepared some useful tips on how to make your stay in FFIV clear and interesting.

Boosting or guides

Boosting in Final Fantasy XIV can be incredibly useful for players looking to quickly catch up with their friends or the game’s current content. By utilizing boosting services, players can level up their characters, acquire powerful gear, and unlock various abilities in a shorter amount of time. This is particularly valuable for newcomers who want to experience the game’s endgame content without investing a significant amount of time in the initial leveling process. Boosting also allows players in ffxiv buy gil or to join high-level raids. On forums also guides can be found where users may find answers to their questions.

Useful settings

Many settings that make gameplay better are hidden behind awkward menus. Next, we will talk about some of the most important ones.

HUD Layout – allows you to customize the user interface: reduce some elements or increase them, add and move them. There are multiple preset slots, so don’t be afraid to experiment or use different interfaces in different game modes.

Character Configuration – Control Settings – General – Movement Settings and Cutscene Skipping – allows you to choose one of two types of character control. We recommend spending time in Keybind with the Move Left/Right and Strafe Left/Right options. In Cutscene Skipping, select the first two options. This will allow you to automatically skip cutscenes you have already seen. It is very useful when going into dungeons and trials.

Character Configuration – Character – Battle Effect Settings. When there are many other players’ characters on the screen, a firework of various effects occurs. This can be avoided partially or completely using this setting. In current raids, this is even necessary so as not to be distracted from the actions of the bosses.

Character Configuration – Item Settings – General – Inventory Settings. We organize the entry of things into the inventory, as well as its display. The interface tab allows you to choose how many bags will be shown: one, two, or all four.

Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings – Display. It allows you to configure the number and size of hot bars.

What tasks to pay attention to

Quests in the game are divided into four types: main plot, class, additional, and special. Let’s figure out which ones need to be done first. The actual content in the game is hidden not behind character progress but behind story missions. Even if you are at least at the maximum level, without completing the Endwalker add-on, for example, you will not have access to the latest raids. Class quests are no less important, as they unlock new abilities and allow you to acquire the necessary equipment. Additional quests often tell a story, but they are useless for leveling up – they give you little experience and don’t reveal anything. The last category is special tasks. They are highlighted with a special blue icon, and, as a rule, unlock new features: access to raids challenges, or game functions. There are a lot of them in the game, and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which ones will be needed shortly and which ones can be postponed.

Moving around the world

Each location contains one or more ethereal crystals that you can interact with – after which they allow you to teleport to them. Since many quests in A Realm Reborn are tied to traveling from location to location, it won’t be superfluous. The quest that unlocks the ability to ride mounts and gives chocobos is part of the main storyline. In general, based on the list in the section above, it makes sense to get to this task to comfortably explore Eorzea in the future, unlocking all the necessary functions. To unlock flying on mounts, you need to complete the A Realm Reborn storyline. There is no need to contact any teacher or spend in-game funds. Look for some kind of flying mount too – everyone in the game flies. But starting with Heavensward, the system changes a little. As a rule, you need to go through the add-on, complete a chain of quests, and look for special ethereal streams using a compass in all locations of the desired add-on.

Auction, retainers

Almost every major city has a market board – a local auction where players sell crafted items to each other. If at first there are enough things that “fall” from tasks, then later the board will turn into one of the ways to get top equipment – if only there was money. Even at low crafting levels, you can make in-demand items. For example, resources for airship parts – a special activity for gaming property owners. Or armor paint. Or things for the home. There are a million options. However, to put items up for auction, you need to acquire retainers – NPC intermediaries between you and other players. Access to retainers opens after completing the story mission The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. To do this, you will need to look into the starting city and talk to Retainer Vocate there.

Try these tips and you will understand why this game has such a large and stable online presence. We wish you a successful game!

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