Online casino trends expected in 2023

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate, and it seems like there are new trends, apps and norms every day. One sector that has experienced astounding growth in the last decade is online casinos. It is remarkable to think that this is really only the beginning. Below we are going to discuss some of the predicted 2023 trends for online casinos and gambling!

Endorsements in several countries

Countries are sometimes hesitant to endorse online casinos and gaming sites as they see them as risky enterprises. However, as technology makes more websites secure, encrypted and transparent, it will become increasingly difficult for countries to justify this practice. It makes far more sense for them to endorse and help regulate the online gaming industry. It is predicted that many countries will make this shift in the coming year.

Wider game options

There are thousands of game options currently available ranging from slots to video poker. However, game design is one area that favors and encourages innovation, pushing designers to come up with the “next big idea”. Players have become more comfortable with new aspects of online gaming such as cryptocurrency and player to player communication. The result is designers are able to incorporate them, knowing that they will enhance the player experience and not scare them away. As new combinations are found and developers are able to push the envelope of what is possible, the gaming options will expand massively.

Improved mobile gaming features

The majority of the world’s population has a smart phone, with estimates ranging from 75 to 92%. According to the Pew Research Center, over 85% of Americans have a smart phone. The result is that humans are more phone literate now than ever in history and make use of their phone’s potential every day. Additionally, many are more comfortable and prefer using their phones over traditional desktop computers, believing that they are simply more convenient and user friendly. So, it is foolish for game developers not to prioritize the mobile versions of their games.

In 2023, we will see an increased focus on how online casinos translate to the phone screen, with optimized readability and function. Additionally, many more games will be designed for mobile use only – encouraging users to download casino apps, which perfectly complement their online counterparts.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

As more and more people embrace Web 3.0 and the metaverse, game developers will need to create games which can be easily incorporated into these new spaces. If they want to stay relevant, the games will need to be immersive in a VR space. Players might one day be able to sit at a virtual casino in virtual Las Vegas or Monaco. Players utilize online games for entertainment and to escape reality, so designers will need to make sure those wants are respected and enabled in these new online spaces in 2023.

Better bonuses and promotional offers

The world of online gaming is a “dog eat dog” world, where different sites are constantly competing to have the newest tech, games and prizes. To stay relevant to players, sites will need to employ better bonuses and promotional offers. These can include free spins, wild cards, internal minigames and loyalty rewards.

Crypto gambling

The incorporation of cryptocurrencies is arguably the biggest trend of 2022 and promises to keep the top seat as we enter 2023. Cryptocurrencies and digital wallets dominated the conversation and players were very excited that so many different types of altcoins have been adopted in the last few months. As digital wallets, exchanges and coins are normalized, this will become one of the biggest selling points when talking about the merits of online gaming.

Esports gambling

Esports are slowly entering the mainstream, with people becoming more aware of their existence in 2022 than ever before. People have gravitated to esports thanks to their intensity, focus on fan experience and the diversity of players and game types.

Understandably, as esports grew in popularity so did people’s desire to capitalize on their knowledge, resulting in an explosion of esports gambling on sportsbook websites. This is a trend which will hit its stride in 2023 and beyond as the fanbase grows.

Improved graphics

Every year, the graphic rendering in games improves and ensures a more immersive and professional feel for online games. 2023 promises to be no different, with multiple developers promising great improvements for the next 12 months!

Final thoughts

There is much to be excited about as this year draws to a close. From the games themselves including better graphics, design and virtual reality to external developments such as a growing esports fan base to international acceptance of online gaming, 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most trend-heavy years yet.

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