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Sergey Tokarev about the opportunities to improve IT education in AI and ML

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Along with the emergence of tech projects, IT education is developing in Ukraine. Various opportunities show up to help Ukrainian IT specialists improve their knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ​​and Machine Learning (ML). The technology company Roosh is planning to launch an online platform AI ​​HOUSE CLUB on September 27. Mainly, this platform is created for training Ukrainian AI specialists. Sergey Tokarev, a Ukrainian IT entrepreneur and the founder of the Roosh technology company, shared more about the project and the industry experts involved.

How to start the courses on AI ​​HOUSE CLUB?

Every specialist with some wealth of expertise in IT can apply for the training program hosted on the platform AI HOUSE CLUB. Sergey Tokarev believes this program will help Ukrainian IT specialists expand their industry knowledge and get more valuable skills to succeed in their professions.

The CEO of AI HOUSE CLUB, Bogdan Ponomar, adds that to enter the courses on the platform, applicants will need to briefly describe their previous experience in IT and explain their motivation to join AI HOUSE CLUB.

What are the benefits of AI HOUSE CLUB?

The platform AI ​​HOUSE CLUB offers different activities: from courses to specialized events. Furthermore, the training courses will be conducted in mini-groups of students that will allow them to complete the comprehensive training programs simultaneously.

Sergey Tokarev notes that students will get an opportunity to conduct case studies and develop projects both individually and in teams. Also, such courses are available to them as:

    • MLOps. Deep dive into modern ML productionalization;
    • Product School for ML experts: from 0 to 1;
  • Fake News Detection;
  • Natural Language Processing: Trends & Solutions.

The Roosh founder also mentions the educational platforms’ mentors who are leading IT industry representatives. Among them are Roman Kyslyi (Ph.D. in Computer Science, Former Data Lead at Deloitte), Dmytro Voitekh (Lead ML Engineer at Proxet/GIPHY), Volodymyr Sydorskyi (Deep Learning Engineer at Respeecher, Kaggle Competition Master), Viktor Didkovskyi (Senior ML Engineer at

In addition, various events are to be hosted on the platform for AI/ ML specialists during September. As Sergey Tokarev specifies, the funds for participation will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as free Research Paper Clubs to dive into the research environment.

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