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Written by Jimmy Rustling

With the number of video game consoles and online gaming services available, many providers offer players in-game incentives and loyalty rewards to help build their customer base and keep players coming back daily to engage on their platforms. Like some online casino games, these reward systems give players points they can save and use to purchase games and DLCs for free. Every player that loves online video gaming might consider signing up for these loyalty programs while playing online, which offer great rewards.

More people are starting to learn what gaming rewards are and why they are so popular as online video gaming continues to establish its massive share of the industry. These rewards offer players in-game incentives and other items that are worth having.

These can be in the form of spendables, which are similar to loyalty points that can be redeemed and spent regularly, and value-holders, which includes things like DLCs, playable characters, and visual customizations that are otherwise difficult to obtain. When looking for the best options, there are a few online services that offer the best rewards.

Microsoft Rewards

The Microsoft Rewards program is a solid choice now that Xbox games are available on both PC and console. Players can get significant savings using the provider’s different systems, such as Game Pass, to get more value for their money.

Regular players on Game Pass each month can earn enough reward points to cover the cost of the service the following month. In addition, players can earn further rewards for shopping at the Microsoft Store, searching in Windows using Microsoft Bing, and browsing online using Microsoft Edge. The program offers players some of the best rewards while they play one of the most extensive game libraries online.

Steam Points

The Seam Points program is the reward system offered by Valve to its online users. The provider has no subscription service but still gives points to players, which they can redeem in the Steam Points Shop.

However, those who mainly play free games on Steam will have more difficulty accumulating points. Steam Points can’t be redeemed for cash, but each point is worth around one cent towards purchasing new items such as DLC, soundtracks, applications, and in-game content.

The platform also holds regular seasonal promotions and flash sales, which sometimes offer more than 75% discounts on selected game titles. Players can also earn points for sending digital gifts from the Steam Points Shop to their friends online.

Google Play Points

Everyone likely has a couple of different mobile games they play to pass the time. For those who own Android devices, Google Play can be used to download games and earn rewards points each time players spend money at the Google Play Store.

The points can be redeemed for unlocking hidden rewards within apps or games and in-store credits. Players can also redeem points and donate to their favorite charity.

The Google Play Points program has four levels, with the Platinum level earning more perks, including weekly prizes. Many users may not be familiar with the program launched in 2019, so all Android users should at least sign up for Google Play Points to see how many points they’ve already earned.

PlayStation Stars

PlayStation users already have rewards they can earn for being a PlayStation Plus member every month. PlayStation Stars is the newest way Sony rewards its players by offering them funds that are added to their PSN wallet, digital collectibles, and products from the PlayStation Store. Many of the program’s offerings are digital collectibles from many of Sony’s exclusive game titles.

In addition, those players who are already members of PlayStation Plus will also earn points with purchases made at the PlayStation Store. Members can also participate in various actions and challenges, such as online tournaments and in-game activities. Player purchases and trophies earned help the player move up through the multiple levels, with the best rewards offered at Level 4.

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