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How To Get Your Instagram Verified In Five Simple Steps?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The Instagram verification system was created by the social media platform to help users differentiate between fake Instagram accounts and authentic Instagram accounts. The renowned and well-coveted blue tick is a symbol of authenticity and notability. The Instagram verification is purposed mainly for celebrities, public figures, and global brands, that are susceptible to getting impersonated. Although everyone can apply for the Instagram verification badge,only a few will ever get approved.

Here, we discuss five tips on how to get your Instagram verified.

Search, Discover, and Document Imposter Accounts

As stated earlier, the primary reason for Instagram verification is to distinguish authentic accounts from fake and dubious ones. When you discover unscrupulous individuals are duplicating your Instagram account, you are a prime candidate for an Instagram verification. Discover these fake accounts and make detailed documentation. These documents will help you when submitting your verification application. Wait, hold on a second. Can’t anyone and everyone create imposter accounts by the dozen for themselves and thus get verified? Huh?

Yeah, that’s what everyone thinks of when it comes to imposter accounts. And Instagram knows this too. So, while yes, if you are at risk of impersonation, that is a good, BUT that alone will not help you get verified. There is a lot more to it, than just that.

Polish Your Account

Before we discuss the best way to prepare your account, there is one myth that we have to bust. And that is, the number of followers you have has no impact on verification at all. Of all the criteria that Instagram has for verification, your  ollowers, or your engagement, has no part to play. We’ve seen profiles with as low as 400 followers get verified. We’ve seen profiles with fake followers get verified. Followers and engagement play no part at all when it comes to verification.

On the other hand, having a well-structure profile does help. What does this mean? It means, having a professional display photo, a well made and concise bio section, a link to your website in the link in bio section, and the proper page category – all of these are super important to tackle before sending in your application.

Your Web Presence is Key

And this is the one and ONLY thing that matters when it comes to verification. It’s about how good of a web presence you have. What do we mean by web presence? In simple terms, when someone searches for you on Google, what comes up, is your web presence.

So – what exactly does web presence mean? Web presence is simply the amount of full featured articles that are there about you. In other words, are there well-known and notable magazines featuring you? Are there well-known publications that are mentioning you? Are there interviews of you on Entrepreneur or Forbes magazines? Are there mentions of your brand on Bloomberg or Insider? This is what web presence entails.

In short, if you have 10 or more full features on notable and reliable online magazines, that is when you have the highest chance of getting verified. What do we mean by ‘notable’ and ‘reliable’? Well, that’s a great question.

Think of this, anyone can get articles up for themselves on random unknown blogs for as low as a few dollars. Does that help? Of course, not!

What matters is, that the articles are published on notable and reliable sites. How do we know what sites are reliable and notable? Well, now, that is a well-kept secret. Social media agencies that provide verification as a service are well versed with understanding what sites work, and what don’t, and that’s how they build your presence and get you verified.

Develop Your Other Social Media Accounts

Another step on how to get your Instagram verified is to develop your other social media accounts. While getting verified on Instagram, it is important to know that having any other already verified social media accounts will help your chances. Getting verified on another social media platform outside of Instagram is a good indicator, showing you have been vetted and confirmed as a legitimate person by another social media giant.Hence, your validity elsewhere will boost your chances of being verified by Instagram.

As a plus point, getting verified on Facebook or TikTok is a much easier process than Instagram. Hence, being verified on those platforms can automatically improve your chances at verification. Couple features on notable magazines with a verified FB and TikTok account, and your application has a super high chance at approval.

Go an Extra Mile

In the final tip, we want to talk about how you can go the extra mile. This can apply in different ways depending on what your niche is. But let’s say you are a musician. Then having a verified Spotify with lots of monthly listeners would be great. If you’re a doctor, then a profile on WebMD would be wonderful. If you’re a public figure, then a contributor profile on Entrepreneur would be awesome. And you get the idea.

And that is all on how to get your Instagram verified. We hope you enjoyed the blog! And we hope that these tips help you get that coveted blue tick next to your username!

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